Permit to build a house in Zaporozhye

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Permit to build a house in Zaporozhye

Building permit in Zaporozhye

Many families dream of building their own home. This is a lengthy process that must begin with obtaining building permits. Some land owners skip the first phase with the hope of legitimizing the construction once the work is complete. This is a lengthy and not cheap procedure, as it will cause problems with government agencies. "PROFI STROY" will help to do everything within the framework of the law and in the shortest possible time to issue a building permit in Zaporozhye.

Why apply for a building permit?

Using the services of the construction company "PROFI STROY", you do not need to waste time and effort to bypass all instances. Our specialists take on all responsibilities, and you will receive a ready-made permit to build a house in Zaporozhye. This is an official document that is legally binding. You get the right to build a house on your site, officially assign it a postal address and register. Only temporary buildings can be erected without official permits. These include structures that do not require the formation of a foundation.

It is much more difficult to legalize a squatter building, for illegal construction will have to pay a fine. In addition, under various circumstances, the court may recognize the ownership of an unauthorized building for another person or decide to demolish the building.

Permit to build a house in Zaporozhye: turnkey cost

Permits for construction

To obtain a building permit, you must contact the territorial subdivision of the architectural and construction inspection. The changes made to the legislation made the process much easier. Depending on the category of complexity of the building, now the permit is issued according to two schemes: simplified or general.

For houses not exceeding 2 floors and with a total area of ​​up to 500 square meters, documents for construction can be obtained in Zaporozhye using a simplified procedure. If the planned construction does not exceed the established parameters, the following documents must be prepared:

  • passport and identification number (original and copy) of the owner of the site, if there are several co-owners, personal documents of each of them will be required;
  • papers confirming the legal use of the land plot;
  • technical certificate.

There is no separate building permit for the construction of a small private house. However, a mandatory procedure is to issue a construction passport and a notice of the start of construction.

Before starting construction, it is necessary to determine how the communications will go. You can do this yourself or order the development of a project for the construction of a house, but in order to obtain permits for a construction site in Zaporozhye according to a simplified scheme, it will not be required.

Notification of the start of construction work is submitted to the territorial department of urban planning and architecture on the basis of a technical passport.

Construction with "PROFI STROY"

To obtain a building permit in Zaporozhye, the customer will have to spend a lot of time and effort to prepare and submit the documents. If the documents were submitted in accordance with the standards of the State Tax Service, then they are approved for you and you can start construction. It is not always possible to do everything the first time, and the papers may be returned for revision.

The reason for the refusal to issue permits for construction may be a violation of building codes - the discrepancy between the distances between buildings, adjacent areas, communication highways, etc. In order not to redo the paper several times, it is better to entrust the work to professionals.

Turning to the experts of PROFI STROY for help, you can be sure of a one hundred percent result. When placing an order, we draw up a contract, the price of the services provided depends on the complexity and volume of the order.

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