Building permit in Dnipro: cost, turnkey

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Building permit in Dnipro: cost, turnkey

Building permit in Dnipro

Many families dream of changing an apartment for a cozy private house. To avoid administrative litigation and loss, some formalities must be followed. Site preparation and the search for contractors to build a house on your own site are important points, but the construction stage should begin with obtaining a work permit. According to the current legislation, this document is legally binding. After receiving it, the developer can legally start preparatory and construction work. You can issue a building permit in the Dnieper on your own or use the help of professionals.

Why apply for a building permit?

Construction work related to the construction of a house can be carried out after obtaining the appropriate permit. The process of obtaining permits is lengthy, and the risk of refusal is not excluded. By using the services of the construction company "PROFI STROY", you will save your energy and get a permit to build a house in the Dnieper in the shortest possible time. We carry out work of any complexity and volume.

Documents for construction in Dnipro give the right to legally build your own house, bring communications, assign it a postal address. Without official permission, only non-capital buildings can be erected on your site, which are erected without laying a deep foundation.

If, for any reason, the construction of the house was carried out without obtaining permits, or you inherited the squatter building, it must be put into operation. This is a lengthy procedure that does not come without a fine. The specialists of our company will help to resolve all issues related to the commissioning of a house and obtaining documents for a construction site in the Dnieper.

Building permit in Dnipro: turnkey

The procedure for obtaining a permit

The State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate is in charge of issuing permits for the construction of a private house in Dnipro. Depending on the category and volume of the structure, documents can be drawn up according to a simplified or general procedure.

For houses with a total area of ​​up to 500 square meters and not exceeding two floors, permits are drawn up according to a simplified scheme. If the parameters of the planned construction do not exceed these indicators, you need to prepare:

  • passport and identification number (original and copy) of the owner of the site;
  • documents confirming the right to use the land plot;
  • technical certificate.

If the site is owned by several people, all co-owners must provide personal documents. The finished documents are transferred to the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture, where they are considered by the commission.

But the new legislation does not provide for a separate building permit for the construction of a small private house. A residential building cannot exist without communications. Before starting construction, it is necessary to determine their location. You can do this yourself or order the development of a project from specialists, but this document is not needed to obtain a construction permit in Dnipro.

An obligatory point in the execution of thinning documents according to a simplified scheme is the development of a technical passport. At the final stage, the customer receives a notification, which must be sent to the territorial department of urban planning and architecture before starting construction work.

Construction in the Dnieper with "PROFI STROY"

You can do the paperwork for building a house in the Dnieper on your own, but as practice shows, it is better to turn to professionals for help. The team of specialists of our company is ready to accept an order and guarantees a 100% result. The cost depends on the complexity and volume of work.

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