Obtaining a technical passport and putting into operation in Kherson

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Obtaining a technical passport and putting into operation in Kherson

Obtaining a technical passport in Kherson

According to current legislation, a technical passport for a house is a document that contains the necessary information about all the nuances of a building, including technical characteristics. The document is drawn up based on the results of the inventory. How much time and effort it will take for this procedure is familiar to everyone who was involved in paperwork on their own. As practice shows, the best solution to the issue is to use the help of professionals who will take on all the responsibilities for paperwork. The specialists of the PROFI STROY company will help to obtain a registration certificate for a house in Kherson and guarantee a decent result. You can order paperwork of any complexity at the lowest price.

What is a technical passport?

The technical passport is formed on the basis of the results obtained during the inventory of the object. The document prescribes the main characteristics:

  • the location of the house with the exact mailing address;
  • individual data of the owner of the house;
  • a technical description, which indicates the year of construction of the house, the material used, the availability of communications, etc.
  • floor plans with indication of residential and non-residential premises;
  • the total area of ​​the building and separately of each room.

The document reflects if the fact of unauthorized construction or redevelopment is found.

By using the services of the construction company "PROFI STROY", you will save time and effort. To issue a registration certificate for a house in Kherson, our inspectors need to submit the following documents:

  • passport (original and copy);
  • identification number (original and copy);
  • a document confirming the ownership of the house (if installed);
  • a document confirming the right to use the land.

The technical passport is issued completely for the house, or for a certain part. Such a need may arise when several heirs enter into property rights, and each draws up documents for his part.

Technical passport in Kherson. Commissioning

Why do you need a registration certificate?

The registration certificate is required for any real estate transactions:

  • registration of a purchase / sale transaction:
  • registration of privatization;
  • taking over property rights;
  • commissioning of unauthorized construction;
  • commissioning of a new house, erected on the basis of permits;
  • if necessary, carry out or legitimize the redevelopment carried out.

What does it mean to put a house into operation?

According to the current legislation, the commissioning of a house in Kherson is carried out upon completion of construction work. Registration of documents confirming the compliance of the building with the current building codes is carried out on the basis of a notification and a technical passport. The declaration of readiness of the house is submitted to the territorial department of urban planning and architecture. After completing the documents, utilities connect communications. At the final stage, the owner takes over ownership and receives a certificate.

Services of the company "PROFI STROY"

All documents must comply with established building codes. In case of any violations or inaccuracies, the papers are returned for revision. To avoid such a situation, not to redo documents and not stand in line too much, you can use the help of specialists. In Kherson, the services of putting a residential building into operation are provided by the firm "PROFI STROY". When placing an order, a contract is drawn up, which specifies the cost and deadline for the work.

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