Building permit and technical passport for a house in Nikolaev

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Building permit and technical passport for a house in Nikolaev

Technical passport for a house in Nikolaev

Many people believe that building a house begins with the formation of a foundation and starts work without obtaining proper documents. The misconception that it is more profitable to build a house and then legalize it. But this procedure is lengthy and not cheap. According to the current legislation, in order to register property rights, it is necessary to submit a document that the construction has been completed and the object has been put into operation.

Since the construction was carried out illegally, there can be no such document. Even by going to court, it will not be possible to legalize the construction without preliminary commissioning. In any case, it will not be possible to avoid administrative liability and a fine, therefore it is better to do everything right away according to the law, and "PROFI STROY" will help with this. The specialists of our company will calculate how much a building permit costs in Nikolaev, and will help to obtain all the necessary documents in the shortest possible time.

Obtaining a building permit in Nikolaev

According to the current legislation, a building permit in Nikolaev is an official document, on the basis of which you can start preparatory and construction work. Our company employs professional staff who are ready to accept an order for a permit for the construction of an object of any complexity.

At the first stage, a package of documents will be required from the customer:

  • passport and identification number (original and copy);
  • a document confirming the legal use of the land plot;
  • a project for the construction of a house with marked boundaries and the location of engineering highways;
  • a notarized power of attorney (original) for a specialist of our company, who will act on your behalf.

The list of documents is specified by the inspector who accepts the application for the provision of the service. In each specific case, the list can be shortened or expanded.

Building permission in Nikolaev. Technical passport for the house

Scheme of receiving documents

Without a permit for construction work, only temporary structures can be erected, which include buildings without a foundation. All other objects must be legalized, therefore, permits are required. They are issued according to two schemes: a simplified and a general procedure. In Nikolaev, the price of a building permit depends on the option used.

The method of issuing permits depends on the category of complexity of the object. It is possible to obtain a building permit in Nikolaev according to a simplified scheme for houses with a total area of ​​up to 500 square meters. The number of storeys of a house, excluding the attic, should not exceed 2 floors.

If the future construction meets the established parameters, work can be started after the technical passport for the house has been issued in Nikolaev. To obtain this document, urban planning conditions and a construction project are not required; the customer can make it at will. Changes in legislation made the procedure much easier and accelerated the process.

Notification of the start of construction work is sent to the territorial division of urban planning and architecture. When the construction of a house in Nikolaev is completed, a declaration of readiness for commissioning is submitted.

"PROFI STROY" - quick solution of issues

The specialists of "PROFI STROY" know all the nuances, how to issue a building permit and a registration certificate for a house in Nikolaev. We accept orders of any complexity, provide a range of services, take on all the responsibilities for paperwork and guarantee one hundred percent result. Our employees will act on your behalf and will complete the work as soon as possible. Using the services of a construction company, you can order not only the registration of permits, but also the construction of a house.

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