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Mass Media about us. Answers to the most interesting questions

Valery Zarubin
About construction business

Construction is one of those "eternal" areas, the need for which does not depend on political, economic or other upheavals. Therefore, many entrepreneurs turn their eyes to the construction business and try to gain a foothold in it, to occupy their own niche. Of course, not everyone succeeds.

Valery Zarubin, the owner of the construction company Profi Stroy, had enough energy, perseverance and entrepreneurial talent to earn a high reputation in his native Kherson in the first two years of work. And today the company's clients know that "Profi Stroy" will make any types of houses (stone, combined, eco) efficiently and on time.

Every year, Valeria's company builds 5-10 houses in Kherson and the region, develops a large number of design projects and projects, the houses on which will be built in the coming years. The ambitious team of "Profi Stroy" is not going to stop only on the Kherson market of construction services. The company designs and builds individual houses in other regions of Ukraine.

How it all began, what prospects for development in the construction industry have grown, what place does your favorite job take in life and how it is combined with family - Valery Zarubin told exclusively for Business Gazeta.


What does it cost us to build a house?

You are the kind of person who makes other people's dreams come true. How difficult is it?

It's always fun. This is exactly what I dreamed of - making other people's dreams come true. I like to create something unique and at the same time leave a trace behind me. On the other hand, the construction of houses is also a big responsibility for the realization of the dreams of people who turn to us.

The work of your company goes beyond the Kherson region. To what extent do other regions trust the new developer?

If in Kherson "Profi Stroi" is known, recognized, trusted with great desire, in other areas our brand is still unknown to anyone. And if it is known, it is not thanks to us and not necessarily in a positive way. Of course, you will have to go through the same path of formation there, which the company went through in its time in Kherson.

How does your company manage to solve the problem of an integrated approach to project implementation?

Based on our experience, we have formulated a very important rule for ourselves: you need to start building a house when the architectural and design projects have already been approved. Everything should be comprehensive. The structural part must take into account the peculiarities of architecture and design, otherwise it will entail alterations, loss of time and money. Thanks to cooperation with the company "Terra-design", headed by Artur Aimetov, we managed to find a middle ground. Now, at the initial stage, we have a comprehensive plan for the implementation of the project.

Why do you offer your clients to entrust such an important part of the project as design to the Terra-design company?

Building every house is magic. In our case, magic is born thanks to the synergy of the activities of the Profistroy and Terra-design companies. We can say about all our joint projects: made with love. We create spaces in which everything is harmonious - from the foundation to the smallest detail of the interior. Design is the atmosphere in which a person will live in the coming years. Everything should really be thought out here, everything should be harmonious, everything should correspond to the character and worldview of the owner of the house.

Artur Aimetov is a talented architect and designer who creates not just modern spaces in a certain style, but a special atmosphere in which our clients really feel at home.

Given the success of this collaboration, you probably have ambitious plans for next year ...

Our company builds houses in Kherson, Nikolaev and Odessa, but we already receive and implement orders from other cities of Ukraine and next year we plan to expand our geography. Now we are simultaneously working on more than 20 projects of various levels of complexity and are ready to raise this bar to 40. Sometimes engineers, seeing the wishes of the customer, say: “Who will build this? How can this be done? " But step by step, any problems are solved, and in the end, both we and the customer get a result that everyone is happy with. The main thing is to drop all fears and doubts.

Being the leader of a construction company is not easy. Many questions need to be kept under constant control. Do you devote time to work at home or do you completely immerse yourself in the roles of husband and father?

When I'm at home, my priority is of course the family. Yes, I continue to be involved in work processes somewhere, but one way or another I try not to deprive my daughter of attention and childhood, and my wife - her husband.

Business people always schedule their day, month, year by the hour. How far ahead are you planning your business?

I used to plan everything step by step, but gave up such an idea because you often get frustrated when something doesn't work out. When you set a goal, you postpone your happiness "for later", but today you are just a robot that performs your task. I trust my path, I understand that one way or another I will come to the right point, I will be happy about it. I enjoy every day.

I understand that I want to develop the company so that it is known throughout Ukraine. This desire leads to the right point: "Profi Stroy" enters the construction market in Kiev. We have designed a small business center. Most likely, we will build it. And at the same time, we take on designer renovations in the capital.

In parallel, I will develop my two YouTube channels.

Vlogging is an unexpected activity for a successful businessman. Why did you create your YouTube channel?

I started developing my channel for popularity ... I always wanted to become an actor. The first initiative on YouTube last year was the "Insider" project - interviews with successful Kherson residents. I like talking about business, meeting with entrepreneurs, I understand this, I can get important information from communication.

I also realized that I like doing shows ... The idea to shoot parodies of popular videos came up by itself. Wife Victoria also joined the filming, in one of the videos our daughter also appeared. Through parodies, like to the song of the KAZKA group "Crying", I reveal my talents. After the release of the first video, all my acquaintances were shocked, but in general, people I liked it very much.

We ourselves were very shocked by the result: absolutely no advertising on Facebook about 300 thousand views, on YouTube - seven. And this is not yet a chapel ... It is important for me that I develop my brand, that all my projects recognize me and know me.

You both have a business that takes a long time.

Valery and Victoria ZarubinsValery, Victoria, how did each of you come to your own business?

Victoria: It's very difficult to be a businessman's wife, but I found something to keep myself busy ... I am a coffee lover myself, so I didn't have to think long about the idea for the project. She retrained from a photographer and opened a showroom-coffee shop Coffashka.

Valeriy: I was engaged in online business for a long time, but I always wanted to start something offline. The idea came up when I was building a house. Then I felt that I like to organize the construction process. Thanks to knowledge in marketing, everything worked out. Vika fully supported, admired, which flattered me very much.

Does the family have a work / home separation?

Valeriy: My family is a project, construction business is a project, YouTube channel is a project. Life consists of projects that, of course, overlap. Calls don't end until 10pm, or even on vacation.

Victoria: Probably, over the 10 years that we have been together, I have already got used to this, I calmly respond to calls even if we are on vacation. The main thing is to find a balance between family and work.

Due to busy schedules, do you manage to spend a lot of time with your daughter or have a family vacation only on the weekend?

She does not remain unattended. We try to explain that we are leaving on business, but we will return and spend time with her.

Mom always plays with her daughter every evening, and dad - as far as it goes ... if he doesn't go out in the evening, then on weekends he always stays with his family. We try to go somewhere on Saturday and Sunday. We find new inspiration and ideas on every trip.

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