Construction of summer cottages: where to start construction?

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Construction of summer cottages: where to start construction?

Construction of summer cottages

Residents of cities on weekends love to go to the country. Sooner or later, every fifth resident of Ukraine thinks about where to start the construction of summer cottages and who to entrust this process. The company "Profi Stroy" has been building cozy cottages for over 8 years. Thanks to the high-quality construction work, meeting deadlines and a responsible attitude of the team, we have managed to earn an excellent reputation.

By ordering the construction of summer cottages in our company, you will protect yourself from subsequent alterations and useless expenses. Profi Stroy specialists carry out the whole range of construction work - from budgeting to final wall decoration.

How to choose a construction company?

So that your head does not hurt from the question of how to build a summer cottage, it is important to know how to choose a construction company that you can trust.

Our team consists of designers, engineers, plumbers and other experienced workers. All employees are highly qualified and are constantly trained at special trainings. Extensive experience of practical skills allows specialists to navigate in any situation related to the construction of a facility.

Control is an integral part of the development of summer cottages that do not fall apart after several years of operation. Each stage of construction is supervised by a foreman, who is personally responsible for the progress of work and the final result. If inaccuracies and defects are identified in the process, they are promptly eliminated taking into account step-by-step technology. Fast, but with a loss of quality - this is not about us!

The cottages built by Profi Stroy specialists are warm, reliable, durable and safe. Eco-friendly materials do not emit toxic substances when heated and do not crack under the influence of low temperatures.

Summer cottage construction: stages of construction, start of work

Benefits of cooperation with "Profi Stroi"

The offices of the construction company "Profi Stroi" are located in Kherson and Odessa. The construction of country houses by our specialists is possible with departure throughout Ukraine. The craftsmen have already built buildings and structures in the Kiev, Kherson, Nikolaev and Odessa regions.

All cottages differ in different levels of complexity and exclusive design. You can order a house from us for any plot, with or without a garage, an attic or a veranda, an area for daytime relaxation.

Among the advantages of cooperation with the "Profi Stroi" firm, our regular customers point out the following.

  1. A well-coordinated team of specialists consists of high-class craftsmen, who have extensive experience behind them, the necessary documents on education and a desire to improve their knowledge, not stopping at what has been achieved.
  2. We are contacted not only with a request to build a summer cottage, but also to draw up a project that suits the client's requirements. Designers, engineers and architects will take into account your wishes and make the most daring ideas come true.
  3. We have ready-made projects, from which it is realistic to choose interesting country houses. Drawings and diagrams are working - it remains to hire our specialists who will take into account all stages of building a summer house. Standard options make it possible to realize the dream of a country cottage, saving money.
  4. The services of the construction company are provided at reasonable prices. We do not make estimates with exorbitant price tags, but we strive to use high-quality finishing and building materials.
  5. Profi Stroi employees will come to the rescue if you do not have the necessary documentation for construction. We have established cooperation with the necessary structures and institutions.

What determines the cost of building a summer house

How much it costs to build a turnkey summer cottage depends on many factors. Having addressed to the firm "Profi Stroi" and having indicated your wishes, you will be able to know in advance how much the building of the house will cost.

The complexity of the project affects the cost of building a summer house.

  1. Geological conditions at the site where the construction will be carried out.
  2. Geometric differences of the building.
  3. Construction area.
  4. Terrain relief.
  5. How distant are the points of installation of communications.
  6. The selected type of foundation.
  7. Features of the frame and floors, the presence of additional zones - balconies, verandas, attic.
  8. Roof configuration.
  9. Dealing with the question of how to build a dream cottage, experts also take into account facade decoration, hydro and thermal insulation.
  10. Installation of engineering networks and ventilation, unique in equipment.

If special equipment is used and the best building materials are selected, the price tag rises. But you get a cozy summer cottage for a comfortable stay and life with the whole family.

Don't know how to build a summer cottage, but really want to become its owner? Dial the phone number listed at the top of the website. The "Profi Stroy" manager will answer your questions and make an appointment with the best specialist.

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