To order filling of an industrial concrete floor in Kherson price. Calculate the cost of concrete industrial floor

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To order filling of an industrial concrete floor in Kherson price. Calculate the cost of concrete industrial floor

Industrial concrete floor
In the premises of commercial and industrial buildings, as a rule, there is an increased floor load. That is why for such rooms a solid and reliable concrete-based coating is poured. We can also order a rough or finish cement screed.

Industrial concrete floors, depending on the materials used, can act as a rough or fine finish. Modern concrete mixes are made in such a way as to achieve rapid solidification and increase the quality characteristics of the floor:

  • Strength and durability;
  • Not dusting;
  • Not susceptible to fungi;
  • Moisture resistant;
  • A variety of decorative finishes.

Classical concrete and bulk floors are known and popular today. They have their advantages and are used in individually defined places.

Заказать заливку стяжки в херсоне для промышленных помещений

Industrial Concrete Flooring Technology
The classic concrete floor is often used in storage and utility rooms due to the fact that they do not adequately withstand everyday increased loads - over time, they can dust and crack. Concrete can be used as a final finish when using high-quality raw materials and reinforcing the top layer - applying the so-called topping.
Industrial concrete floors, the technology of which has similarities in the procedure for concrete work, are poured in the following steps:

  • Preparation - the surface for pouring is leveled to eliminate differences in height. If concrete is poured directly on the ground, a sand cushion with gravel is poured. Most often it is necessary in meta with a high level of groundwater;
  • A reinforcing layer is mounted, which is a grid of reinforcement rods or a metal mesh - it gives the structure rigidity and strength;
  • Beacons are installed, which serve as the upper support for leveling;
  • Concrete is prepared and poured, leveled according to the installed beacons, and rammed with a deep vibrator;
  • The damper tape is laid around the perimeter to prevent further cracking of the floor.

The final step may be the final grinding of the floor surface and the rubbing of the topping with the help of a disk machine. Upon completion, varnish is applied. Concrete floors are poured both directly on the ground and on slabs.

Заказать заливку стяжки в херсоне для промышленных помещений

Filling industrial bulk floors
Industrial bulk floors differ from concrete in increased strength, impact resistance, simplicity and speed of pouring, as well as a more attractive appearance. For industrial concrete floors, the price is lower compared to bulk, but in terms of quality characteristics they are inferior to bulk.
The mixture is poured onto a prepared concrete base and the whole process has the following order:

  1. Preparation - the surface is cleaned of dust and debris, carefully leveled;
  2. Installation of beacons to mark the upper level;
  3. Concrete mixture pouring and its distribution;
  4. Sealing and removing excess air from the solution with a needle roller.

It is important to provide optimal conditions for the solution to dry - there should be no drafts and direct sunlight, the room temperature must be stable (from 5 to 20 degrees), air humidity must be maintained at 60%.
For bulk industrial concrete floors, the price per m2 depends on the selected materials and the initial condition of the facility.
Заказать заливку стяжки в Херсоне под промышленные цели Профи строй

To order services for pouring concrete industrial floor in the company Profi Stroy (Kherson)
Pouring industrial concrete floors is one of the main specialties of the construction company Profi Stroy. We offer high-quality construction of concrete floors of any complexity at competitive prices. The price per m2 is determined for industrial concrete floors. The cost of work, as a rule, depends on the square of the room and the more it is, the more the cost of one meter decreases.
Profi Stroy is the right choice for construction work and a favorable combination of price and quality!

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