Repair of apartments and houses in Odessa - what is the real cost of repair

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Repair of apartments and houses in Odessa - what is the real cost of repair

The cost of renovating an apartment in Odessa: what you need to know before starting renovation?

Apartment renovation in Odessa, the cost of which is calculated on an individual basis, largely depends on what the team of professional builders will have to work with - a new building, a stalinka or a Khrushchev?

House type

The new building is distinguished by the presence of an improved layout of the living space, which creates additional opportunities for the implementation of the most daring design projects.

Whereas already in the Stalinist buildings, the houses, the construction of which was carried out during the period of the USSR in the 1930s-1960s, one can see high ceilings and spacious kitchens. But for a major renovation, it is necessary to replace communications, water pipes, or at least check their serviceability. Redevelopment is simplified if there are no supporting structures, since usually in Stalinist houses you can stumble upon ordinary interior walls.

A feature of the Khrushchevs, which were built in the 1960-1980s, is a small kitchen, low ceilings, which, you see, does not look like Stalin's. The cost of repairs in Odessa is influenced by the thickness of the walls, the state of communications and the serviceability of pipes. The services of the construction company also include the replacement of old windows with new ones, but not their restoration.

Apartment renovation in Odessa: prices, cost in 2021Major overhaul

Despite the fact that many owners of residential premises are not alien to cosmetic renovation, services for carrying out major renovation works are more popular among residents of Ukraine.


First, a complete dismantling is assumed, when it comes to secondary housing, in order to be able to change the layout and create separate areas for pastime for all family members. Partitions are removed or relocated, the floor is removed and the walls are processed in order to introduce an already existing design project for new housing.

To calculate the cost of repairing an apartment in Odessa per square meter, you need to understand whether the replacement of heating, water supply, sewerage and plumbing systems is required. Modern designers offer interesting solutions on how to fit communications and pipes into the living space, giving the master free access to repair them in case of unforeseen situations. During the finishing work, it is initially necessary to answer the question of whether the design project meets the needs of the modern generation.

Warm floor

The issue of installing underfloor heating is discussed on an individual basis, since sometimes apartment owners refuse innovative solutions in favor of flooring that is incompatible with underfloor heating technology. Therefore, experts advise you to consult with the specialists of the construction company or choose the material with them in order to guarantee a high-quality renovation for many years.


The cost of repairing an apartment in Odessa also includes the replacement of the pipeline, the distribution of sewage and water supply pipes, the installation of new pipes in accordance with the existing design project. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of tiles, the formation of seams, so that everything fits harmoniously into the design of the space. The tiles are laid last.

Order apartment renovation

The average cost for apartment renovation in Odessa on a turnkey basis depends on the design project and the choice of materials for the modernization and reconstruction of living quarters. The exact cost can be found out after visiting the apartment, when the specialist will make the necessary measurements and orientate what the final price will be.

Profi Stroi in Ukraine is a company that specializes in carrying out a set of measures to restore comfortable conditions for further living, when it comes to secondary housing. The company is engaged in both stalinka and Khrushchev, where initially it is necessary to prepare living space for the installation of new windows, ceilings, floor coverings. The services of the company also include the renovation of apartments in Odessa, if necessary, to prepare space for a new resident.

The specialization of the team of craftsmen of the Ukrainian company Profi Stroy is also associated with the construction of cottage complexes and private residential buildings. Plan the construction of houses in Odessa together with Profi Stroy!

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