Big interview with Valery Zarubin - Founder of Profi Stroy

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Big interview with Valery Zarubin - Founder of Profi Stroy

Valery, what brought you to the construction business?

It all started with building your own home. At the beginning of the project, I could not find a suitable, well-organized company. And I wanted to create such a company so that people know exactly where to turn, so that they have a house built well, reliably, on time and with an estimate.

But "Profi Stroi" did not appear immediately. I started my way to my company in 2014 with metal production. Then there was the distribution of metal-plastic products, furniture production; repair work, general construction and as a result - the construction of houses.

Have you carried out any projects besides residential buildings?

We had experience of working with a large order - glazing of the Kherson airport. But basically "Profi Stroi" builds houses for private use. Perhaps in the future we will build something truly unique, claiming to be an architectural masterpiece.

In addition to construction work, we also carry out related work: we help to obtain building permits. And this year they began to help with the search for land plots. Several Profi Stroy clients have already purchased land plots with our help.

Do you follow any trends in construction?

Of course. I follow the trends in architecture. In "Profi Stroi" there is such a practice: to include in the work of designers at the stage of development of the architectural part, preparation of the draft design of the future house. So few people do, but I highly recommend involving designers at the beginning of design work, even for related companies in the construction market. With this approach, the project turns out to be incredibly successful and unique.

Quarantine is a hot topic for the whole Ukraine. Has he touched your construction company?

I definitely feel the decline of people's interests. The purchasing power is not growing on average in the market. But, one way or another, we have enough work. We've segmented ourselves so that we can always stay in work.

Valery ZarubinCan you say that today you have found yourself 100%?

I will say that I definitely enjoy my work. Of course, there are times when I feel like a winner and I’m sure that I’m in the right place. And sometimes, when something doesn't work out and I have to start over, rebuild the system, I wonder if I'm doing this. But fortunately, when asking this question, I always answer "yes, so."

Being the leader of a construction company is not easy. Many questions need to be kept under constant control.

Where do you get so much energy to run the company?

I am reading. Every day I watch YouTube videos about building and organizing a business. I get inspired by sports - I go jogging every morning. While running, I enjoy the process, listening to various training materials.

What goals have you set for "Profi Stroi" for the future?

Scaling of the company to other regions and quality growth in Kherson, in the conquered market. And I would like to build a house somewhere on another continent. Definitely in a beautiful location. For me, the place is of the utmost importance.

Valery, what is the most difficult thing in the construction business?

The organization of the process is the most difficult issue. I have a lot of objects and it is not very easy to set up work on each of them, to make the client happy.

The most difficult project in terms of the level of work could be the airport, since "Profi Stroi" was engaged in glazing for the first time. But we found professionals in our staff. And most importantly, no one bothered us, so it was easy to work. This is the simplicity of the construction business.

- Valery, for many even building one house is a real feat and often spoiled nerves. Over the past few years, you have managed to implement hundreds of successful projects and do not plan to stop there. What inspires you so much with your work?

- I believe that everything in this world is harmonious. Work should bring not only income, but also pleasure, no matter how trite it may sound. I successfully worked in the IT field, implemented many projects, but did not see a long-term result. Now I see the result, and it makes me happy.

- That is, you voluntarily exchanged calm "communication" with a computer for work with people?

- In fact, I like working with people, bringing their ideas to life. It is a very cool feeling when you see a dream come true and understand that you are involved in it.

Valery Zarubin - Profi-stroi Kherson

- Have you already built your dream home?

- Yes, but my dream is constantly improving, accordingly, I want to improve its implementation. It is very difficult to stop, especially when you work in this area and see what opportunities there are for the implementation of your ideas. By the way, the idea to create my own company came to me just during the construction of my own house. Then I was faced with the problems of design, design, the lack of construction companies that would help me to realize my ideas. I realized how necessary for people who are planning to build a house, the comprehensive help of professionals.

- What else do you do besides building houses?

- One way or another, but all my work is connected with houses and their improvement. I head not only a construction company, but also condominiums of multi-storey buildings. I have many plans in this direction and many ideas. I hope that everything will work out.

- As a real expert, can you tell which part of the house is the most important?

- A house is a living organism in which everything is interconnected. It cannot be said that the leg is more important than the hand, and the bathroom cannot be more important than the kitchen or bedroom. In every room, in every corner of the house, you should feel comfortable and feel positive energy.

Therefore, it is so important to think over the design to the smallest detail, because they create a special microcosm in which you will live for more than one year.

What advice would you give to readers of this article and website visitors?

All life is built on trust in yourself and others. Therefore, go your own way and build any relationship on trust. Also look for harmony. By the example of our family, we were convinced that we need to find harmony in everything, so as not to go headlong into work and pay as much attention to our relatives as possible.

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