To order the installation of formwork in Kherson Nikolaev Odessa price. Calculate the cost of installing formwork

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To order the installation of formwork in Kherson Nikolaev Odessa price. Calculate the cost of installing formwork

Formwork installation

The installation of formwork is the basis of the concrete work process and the most critical stage of construction. With us you can also order concrete work, foundation or armopoyas.

Formwork is a structure that serves as boundaries for pouring concrete. Thanks to it, the solution retains its necessary shape until it dries completely.
The installation process is used to erect such objects:

  • Foundation;
  • Floor slab;
  • Monolithic concrete structures;
  • Reinforcing belt at home;
  • Columns, stairs, fences;
  • Concrete sites and paths in the yards.

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Types of formwork and their use
For the intended purpose of use, the following technologies are distinguished:

  • Horizontal - used for installation of basement formwork and floor slabs;
  • Wall - is involved in the installation of wall formwork and vertical structures. There are 2 types of wall structures: small-panel - designed for the construction of small houses, and large-panel - used in the construction of high-rise buildings and overall buildings;

Curved - used to install custom shapes.
According to the installation method and reusability of use, 3 types of forms are distinguished:

  • Removable - the collapsible type structure is dismantled after the concrete mixture has hardened and is reused at other facilities. It is mounted from wooden boards, bars or plywood;
  • Non-removable - the static structure cannot be removed after the concrete mix hardens. Most often it is collected from polystyrene plates, and later on it serves as an additional insulating layer for the walls;
  • Floating - installation and dismantling of sliding formwork is intended for pouring a monolithic "floating foundation", immersed to a depth below the level of freezing of the soil.


Заказать монтаж опалубки в херсоне цена. Рассчитать стоимость монтажа опалубки

Features of the installation of formwork
The technology for forming the formwork, depending on the final destination, may differ, but in general the process is carried out in a similar sequence and includes the following steps:

  • Preparation - the surface of the site is cleaned and leveled;
  • According to the perimeter project, wooden blocks are installed that specify the angles and dimensions of the structure;
  • Collection of shields equal to the distance between the bars;
  • The connection of shields and bars together. If necessary, the installation of the second row. Cases when this is necessary include the installation of formwork for a strip foundation or arm belt;
  • Checking the structure for evenness using a level.


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Upon completion of the formation of the base, a sand cushion with crushed stone is prepared, a frame of reinforcement is knitted and concrete is poured.
The formwork frame can dramatically differ in the construction of various designs:

The installation of the formwork for the foundation is different, depending on the type of building support being erected. When erecting a monolithic slab, one row of panels along the perimeter is used. Installation of the formwork of the strip foundation implies the construction of 2 rows, interconnected by short jumpers. The design is located under all the bearing walls and partitions of the building. The columnar base implies the use of a deeply buried shape.
Installation of formwork floors is characterized by increased complexity of implementation. The design consists of struts that hold the longitudinal beams and level the level of overlap, transverse beams, horizontal and vertical panels.
The installation of column formwork implies the individual manufacture of panels for the implementation of the design of an atypical shape (round, hexagonal, etc.).
Installation of armopoyas formwork can be carried out using a collapsible and fixed construction. However, the process is complicated by the fact that the formwork is installed at a height.
Installation of staircase formwork can have a different level of difficulty. Mandatory design includes cross beams and racks that hold the heavy structure. But, the installation method may differ depending on the type of stairs - the presence of wall supports, the number of marches, a straight or spiral shape.
Installation of the formwork under the fence implies the use of a removable structure, partially buried underground. Thanks to this form, concrete fencing is characterized by increased reliability.
Based on the direct purpose and complexity of implementation, the price and time costs are determined for the installation of formwork.

Заказать монтаж опалубки в херсоне цена. Рассчитать стоимость монтажа опалубки
Order formwork installation services in Kherson in the company Profi Stroy
The installation process of the formwork frame has many features and requires accurate alignment and calculation of sizes. It is not always possible to carry out high-quality work independently. Therefore, the best option would be to order the services of specialists from a construction company. For the installation of formwork, the price for work is not high, and the quality of work is guaranteed to be satisfactory.
The company Profi Stroy offers formwork installation services, the cost of which is available to a wide audience. We will carry out a full range of work - from design to installation and dismantling.

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