Where to start building a house

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Where to start building a house

Where to start building a house in Ukraine is one of the most important questions for the managers of our company. In order to approach its solution as constructively as possible, take into account the recommendations of professionals. Not an easy task, however, it is within the power of anyone who has set himself such a goal.

The Profi Stroy company is a professional construction of houses in Nikolaev, we will help you understand all the intricacies. The price we will offer you will pleasantly surprise you, and the service will delight you.

Construction start basics

Building a house where to start - worries everyone, because this entails not only material costs, but also complex engineering manipulations. Sometimes, not finding a solution, a person believes that the idea is in vain.

Frightens the many types of work ahead, as well as the possibility of making mistakes. The services of the construction company Profi Stroy involve close cooperation and support at all stages of construction. How to start building a private house in Ukraine?

A site for building a house is determined. Building a building permit is a special permitting document. A land plot that has clear boundaries must meet all the requirements related to communication and other nuances. A building permit is issued by the relevant authorities that deal with land registries.


How to start building a house, documents have been collected - let's get down to action:

  1. Defining the style of the house and drawing it. You can order ready-made house projects from us. The design will give an understanding of the general appearance of the house, buildings, as well as its location on the land. At this stage, the size of the architectural structure is negotiated, depending on the number of people who will live in it. In order to adjust the area, you can plan several floors in the house. The construction of houses involves an individual approach and a detailed drawing based on the wishes of the customer.
  2. It is also necessary to find out what large-scale developments are planned on the site, in addition to the main structure. A well or a well are also quite serious objects, the presence of which is determined at the early stages of construction. In the question - the construction of a country house, where to start - it is necessary to find out - where the aquifer passes in order to place all the objects in the correct order and the most suitable places for this.
  3. When to start construction? Early spring is considered the most favorable time of the year for such a scale of work. When the air temperature does not drop below 0 even at night, and the snow has already melted and the excess water has gone into the ground, it is convenient to start building the foundation. Thus, you have half a year of favorable, relatively dry weather in stock. Remember that the completion of construction will not take place in just one season, it takes more time.
  4. What material to use in construction? Here, important criteria are the circumstances of what time of year the house will be predominantly used. If its construction is planned as a permanent residence, then a heating system is required. The house can be built from bricks, foam blocks, aerated concrete blocks, wood concrete blocks and more.

Projects of finished houses from Profi Stroy

In order to get as close as possible to your goal and find out where to start building a private house in Ukraine, contact real experts in their field - this is a professional company Profi Stroy. Our company offers ready-made house projects, in which all rooms and communications are shown in detail. The cost of services depends on the scale of the work, as well as on the area of ​​the house.

With our help, you can:

  • Get a detailed sketch of a house (both indoor and outdoor) for an individual order, taking into account all your wishes, according to the conceived design.
  • 3D exterior and view of the entire local area, reproduced using computer graphics.
  • Optimization and estimate of all necessary work and materials for construction.
  • Turnkey construction of a house, according to the author's project from our company.
  • Erection of a box at home or finishing of all interior works, using any innovative materials, at the discretion of the customer.
  • Creation of style and layout from the best interior designers, which also includes preliminary visualization of the picture.
  • Reconstruction of the finished building, adding details and restoring its modernity.
  • Carrying out communications in the house, as well as planning underground facilities, shelters and other things.
  • Development of the landscape organization of the house space, as well as additional architectural structures near the main building.
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