What determines the cost of apartment renovation in 2021

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What determines the cost of apartment renovation in 2021

Apartment renovation in 2021

Apartment renovation from the company "Profi Stroi" is the best solution for owners of both suburban and urban real estate who want to receive the full range of professional construction services without wasting money and nerves.

The entire repair process lasts from the moment the order is placed for work and until the final delivery of the fully finished object. At the same time, the company fully assumes all obligations for the competent organization of work and their further implementation. This allows you to meet the minimum deadlines with high efficiency and not distract the property owner from his daily life.

Stages of work

The services of a construction company include an integrated approach to solving the problem. The personal wishes of the customer and the characteristics of a particular apartment are taken into account.

Stages of work when renovating an apartment

Finished house projects

First of all, the design of the apartment is being developed. Together with the customer, all the key points of the renovation are discussed, the wishes and requirements for planning, equipping the premises and finishing are clarified. All this makes it possible to quickly and efficiently implement the goals. Experts always listen to the opinion of the customer and, if necessary, offer their solutions and make adjustments.

Before determining the cost of repairing a particular apartment, all premises are measured. This allows a three-dimensional model of the apartment to be created to visualize the solutions in question. Further, a plan for dismantling and installation work is agreed, suitable building and finishing materials are selected, convenient placement of plumbing equipment and electrical wiring is planned for further connection of various household appliances, and the places where the furniture will stand and decorative elements will be located are specified.

When developing a project, the cost of repairing an apartment is determined, taking into account the cost of materials and repair work of specialists. An important point is the agreement on the timing of each stage of the project.

Dismantling partitions and installing new ones

These are the main factors that affect the final cost of the repair. At this stage, various coatings and communications are dismantled, other partitions are installed, construction waste is removed with subsequent removal.

Purchase and transportation of building materials

According to an agreed preliminary estimate, the necessary building materials are purchased and transported to their destination. Specialists deliver their tools and equipment to the site. The cost of repairing an apartment in Kiev will also depend on the urgency of the work.

Rough work

At this stage, the company's craftsmen are engaged in leveling ceilings, walls and floors. Utilities and systems are being installed (sewerage, water supply units), heating and electrical wiring are being laid. Also, floor screed, installation of plasterboard structures and plaster are applied.

Installation work

Now the installation of window sills, heating radiators, interior doors and other important structures is underway. It depends on the initial project of the apartment and is included in the price.

Fine finishing

At this stage, final finishing works are carried out:

  • plastering;
  • painting;
  • gluing wallpaper or decorating with a stone;
  • installation of skirting boards;
  • installation of microclimatic and plumbing equipment;
  • final cleaning and garbage disposal.

Installation of furniture and household appliances

Interior decoration of premises is what is included in the cost of a turnkey apartment renovation. Various equipment is installed in practically finished housing, hallways, wardrobes, kitchen sets, bedrooms are assembled and mounted. A toilet, a bath, a kitchen sink are connected to the water supply, and a sewerage is connected.

Now it is more or less clear what the cost of repairing houses and apartments consists of. Each project has its own characteristics and stages of implementation, so the list of required services may vary significantly. However, each construction company provides a detailed price list for its services, which you must definitely familiarize yourself with in order to know how much money you will have to count on.

Apartment renovation cost in 2021

Features of the work of the company "Profi Stroy" in Ukraine

In this company, you can order the construction of houses or turnkey renovation of any apartment. All work is carried out by specialists strictly according to the contract within the established time frame. In addition, the company guarantees the quality of the work performed, which is documented.

Basic services

  1. Quick registration of the application.
  2. Departure to the object of a specialist.
  3. Measurement and designer services.
  4. Free budgeting.
  5. Preparation of contract.
  6. Completion of work on time.
  7. Provision of a guarantee.

What determines the cost of repairing an apartment is primarily on the initial state of the object. If the housing is in a deplorable state, then, accordingly, you will have to fork out for repairs significantly.

Also, the final price tag can be affected by the complex layout of the apartment, when partitions break and the whole structure changes. What else does the cost of repairs depend on is the degree of remoteness from the city, because a team of specialists will have to get to the facility and carry tools with them, and this is an extra cost.

In any case, all these points are discussed at the planning stage and the final price is documented, so there should be no unpleasant surprises later.

For more detailed information, you can contact the manager of the company, where they will tell and show you everything in detail. There are a huge variety of repair options, so there is always an opportunity to carefully coordinate everything, find a compromise and come to an agreement.

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