How much does it cost to build a house in 2021?

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How much does it cost to build a house in 2021?

How much does it cost to build a private house in Ukraine

The company "Profi Stroy" is a leader in the Ukrainian construction market, which has proven its high qualifications through high-quality and fast construction of houses in Nikolaev, Kherson, Odessa and other settlements. The organization is engaged in the construction of luxury real estate, country cottages, functional cottages.

Development of individual projects is underway, taking into account all the wishes of the customer. The company employs specialists of various orientations, which allows it to provide services in many areas of construction. All work is carried out quickly, and the objects are handed over within the time frame established by the contract.

Building materials for building a house

Services of the construction company "Profi Stroy" imply high-quality and fast construction of a house according to a project previously agreed with the customer. All designs meet safety requirements, are comfortable and easy to use.

The company offers construction:

  • Country cozy dachas;
  • luxurious estates;
  • spacious houses;
  • spacious cottages;
  • family townhouses;
  • residential buildings of several floors.

How much does it cost to build a house in Ukraine

All questions regarding the material used, which will be selected for the construction of the building, are preliminarily agreed with the client.

Material options:

  • foam, slag and aerated concrete;
  • porous stone;
  • wood;
  • expanded polystyrene concrete;
  • brick.

The cost of building a house will depend on the chosen material, construction technology, amount of work and many other factors.

Material characteristics

  1. Foam blocks. The low cost of the material makes the construction budgetary.
  2. Aerated concrete. Provides geometrically precise shape and warmth. Frame construction does not take much time and allows the use of various finishes.
  3. Brick. The price of the material is higher, but the house is warm and beautiful.
  4. Beam and frame. They provide the building not only with aesthetic appeal, but also with environmental friendliness. However, wood is susceptible to fire and requires high-quality pre-treatment.

The cost of building a turnkey country house, of course, includes facade finishing. All the features of the material used for the construction of the building must be taken into account. For example, if foam blocks are chosen as the main material, the insulation stage can be skipped, since the wall thickness here is 50 cm, which is quite enough for good thermal insulation. But the subsequent surface cladding is still necessary for the building to look aesthetically pleasing.

But the cost of building a wooden private house will be different. Here, cladding is not mandatory, but you need to use high-quality insulation in any case.

Any house, regardless of the materials used, must meet such basic requirements as heat, environmental safety and maximum comfort for residents. Whichever option you prefer, the specialists of the "Profi Stroy" company in Ukraine will do everything possible to make your house of high quality and serve for many years.

How much does it cost to build a house in Ukraine

Erection of the box

The box is part of the future building structure, which naturally consists of a foundation, solid walls and a roof. For the object to be strong, it is necessary to properly equip its base.

Types of foundations:

  • piles;
  • tapes;
  • pillars;
  • reinforced monolith.

After creating the foundation, they move on to decorating the walls. The material is agreed directly with the customer.

Then they move on to the construction of the roof, which includes a wooden frame, high-quality insulation and an external roof covering, which is also chosen by the customer. The cost of building a private house by the company "Profi Stroy" in Ukraine is fully justified by the high quality of materials used and work performance.

Buildings for finishing

This service is more in demand, although the scope of work in this case is more extensive. Almost a full-fledged house is being built, only without the decoration itself.

Construction stages:

  1. Foundation device. The type of foundation depends on the number of storeys and characteristics of the soil. After pouring, a certain time is kept (about a month) so that the structure gains strength.
  2. The foundation is being waterproofed.
  3. Erection of walls, the use of hydro, noise and thermal insulation.
  4. Roof construction. A rafter system with heat, hydro and vapor insulation is being installed. The roofing material of the roof will significantly affect how much the construction of houses will result in.
  5. Communication connections such as water, electricity, gas and so on.

Turnkey housing

Many are interested in how much it costs to build a private house in Ukraine. Turnkey housing is the most expensive service of construction companies, because in the end you get a finished house with all the amenities. Just move in and live.

In addition to, in fact, the very construction of the house, experts carry out high-quality interior and exterior finishing, landscaping of the adjacent territory. Also, the cost of building a house in Ukraine may include assistance in obtaining permits for the site and the work of designers.

How "Profi Stroy" works

The company "Profi Stroy" offers ready-made projects of houses of various prices, so here you will definitely choose the most suitable option for yourself. Ordering a service in this organization means getting a high-quality, functional and beautiful dream home.

Stages of work:

  1. Discussion of the idea.
  2. Drawing up a detailed estimate that will clearly show how much it costs to build a private house in a particular case.
  3. Coordination of all the nuances with the customer and the signing of an agreement indicating the deadlines for commissioning the finished object.
  4. Order fulfillment.
  5. Delivery of the finished work and its acceptance by the customer.

At the entire stage of construction, from the moment of contacting the company to the delivery of the finished house, the company's manager is constantly in touch with the customer, so you can easily track all the actions of the construction team and make adjustments if necessary.

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