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Plastic windows - this attribute of houses and office buildings, we are used to watching every day. Now, almost every person during the repair makes a choice in the direction of PVC windows and doors.

What should be considered when installing and choosing such windows? First of all, that there are numerous options, and it’s difficult to choose among them the ones that are right for you, but we will try to help you with this.
So, let's begin!

PVC window can be:
• single-winged;
• bivalve;
• tricuspid.

Single-wing variants are usually made deaf if installed on the balcony, there are also the possibility of opening. The most common are bivalves. And it is possible to make both deaf or fully opening, and with one closing sash.

Готовая продукция

Window profile

The strength of the window will depend on the profile. Not all profiles in PVC windows are identical. These types of profiles of plastic windows are calculated:
• A class with the thickness of the outer walls of 2.8 mm and internal 2.5 mm. Such profiles provide the highest level of thermal insulation.
• In class - wall thickness from 2.5 mm outside, and 2 mm inside. These are cooler and warp profiles.
• There are no special requirements for the class. Usually installed in non-residential premises, for example, for household purposes.

In metal-plastic windows, an aluminum frame is used. The outside profile is made of PVC, but the strength of the metal-plastic frame is higher. Such types of metal-plastic windows are divided by design:
• single, bicuspid, tricuspid;
• single-chamber, two-chamber, three-chamber, four-chamber and five-chamber;
• deaf, sliding, rotary, tilt-and-turn, folding;
• rectangular, square and other shapes;
• energy-saving, tinted, shockproof.

The shape of the window itself can affect its cost and installation complexity.

What forms of windows exist?
• The most common are rectangular
• Triangular
• Arched
• Round, trapezoidal and other non-standard plastic windows. (such forms are made much less frequently)

Цветные окна

At the request of the customer, the manufacturer can apply a special film of any shade that you choose, so that it fits harmoniously into the interior

Your home or apartment.
Also, depending on the chamber, the following types of plastic windows are distinguished:
• single-chamber with two double-glazed windows and a camera in the middle;
• two-chamber - 2 cameras and 3 glasses;
• three-chamber;
• four-chamber;
• five-chamber - the warmest and often installed outside to maintain heat.

The number of glasses affects the thermal insulation of the room.

Also, there are additional special-purpose windows with such double-glazed windows:
• energy-saving silver plated to reflect rays and keep the room warm;
• impact resistant coated with a laminated resin;
• noise insulating with special coating absorbing noise;
• tinted / light absorbing.

Choosing the same opening mechanism, we recommend that you focus on the size and purpose of the room.

We can order metal-plastic windows, doors, balconies, sliding systems.
Place an order on our website. If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact the managers of the company. We will help, pick up, pack and deliver your order on time!

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