Order installation of a warm water floor

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Order installation of a warm water floor

Underfloor heating is the most comfortable source of heat, which can not only supplement, but completely replace the main heating. The advantage of this heating method is the ability to maintain a stable temperature in the room with minimal energy consumption.

The latter is possible due to the uniform distribution of heat over the area of ​​the room and the ability to provide a comfortable environment even with a noticeable decrease in temperature in the house.

"Water floor heating" or electric?
"Water heated floors." When choosing a "water floor heating" consumers are most often guided by considerations of energy savings. But since the "water heated floors" are connected to the general heating system, there is an increased gas consumption and it is necessary to install a gas boiler with increased power. In apartments where there is no individual heating, “water underfloor heating” is prohibited.

Тёплый пол — Википедия

The price of this construction service depends on several factors:
1. Urgency;
2. The presence of non-standard layout, which may complicate the work process;
3. The entire amount of work.

Work Stages:
1. Installation of underfloor heating
Specialists lay pipes around the perimeter of the room. The lead-in end is led to the manifold. The joint is carefully isolated.
2. Installation work
Specialists connect pipelines. At the same time, stop valves are mounted. If necessary, a separate niche for the manifold cabinet is manufactured.
3. Installation of temperature sensors
The dashboard, located on the wall, allows you to control the performance of the heating system.

Specialists of the construction company ProfiStroy work with the most complex projects, dealing with all issues related to installation works. They will be engaged in surface preparation, the selection of equipment and materials, as well as the development of an optimal layout for their location. The benefits of installing underfloor heating by professional craftsmen have already been appreciated by many.

Что такое водяной теплый пол?

Also, in our company ProfiStroy, you can order the installation of an electric floor heating.

What are the benefits of a warm "water" floor?
• With a large area of ​​the premises (over 60 sq.m), the cost of operation will be lower
• Service is required, like all heating equipment;
• A couple of times shorter service life than in warm electric floors;
• Higher cost of equipment than in electric underfloor heating (pipes, pumps, filters, etc.);
• “water floor” only works when the boiler is operating. This is not always convenient.

If you decide to install a "water" floor, then the first thing
You have to choose the type of boiler:
• On liquid fuel
• Electric
• Gas
• Solid fuel

If it is possible to connect to a centralized gas supply, preference is given to economical gas boilers in operation. In recent years, electric heating has become quite popular, using convectors and radiators with built-in heating elements as heat sources.

And lastly, what is the main advantage of a warm floor over a radiator?
• Do not spoil the aesthetics of the room
• Underfloor heating does not promote the active movement of dust particles, as with radiator heating.

And this is not unimportant.

We hope that they helped you answer a few questions and make a decision about warm floors. Contact ProfiStroy, our experts will help you do everything efficiently and without problems!

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