Concrete monolithic slab as a foundation for the home

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Concrete monolithic slab as a foundation for the home

Concrete monolithic slab as a foundation for the home

Our company, Profi Stroy, has the best concrete workers with extensive practical experience in this industry, which makes us one of the leading companies in Ukraine. With us you can order the construction of the foundation in Kherson, calculate the price and cost of the construction of the foundation.

One of our main areas of concrete work is a monolithic slab foundation.
The slab foundation is a solid reinforced concrete slab that takes over and evenly distributes the load of the building above. This design is able to withstand high loads, is characterized by increased strength and reliability in operation, therefore it is used everywhere in the construction of small private houses and buildings up to 3 floors high.
Has a slab foundation pros and cons. Among the advantages are worth noting:

Water resistance - a solid concrete slab reliably protects the house from moisture and is not washed by water;
Simplicity and speed of installation - the technology of erecting a monolithic foundation is simple and does not require the participation of heavy equipment at a construction site;
Durability - this type of plate does not crack, the design ensures uniform subsidence;

Affordable cost.
The slab foundation is often used in places with a high level of groundwater and problem soil. Thanks to the monolithic construction, the slab foundation of the house is popular in construction in various places - on heaving and sandy soils, clay, peat and swamp.

But, despite the many positive qualities, it has a slab foundation and cons:
-There is no way to make a basement;
-Do not use slab foundation on a slope;
-Because of the large area, the cost of materials increases, but they more than overlap with the ease of filling;
- The slab foundation is practically not used in multi-storey construction.
Заказать строительство монолитного плиточного фундамента в херсоне профи строй
Types and construction of slab foundation
The construction of the slab foundation is of 2 types:
A slab foundation of floor slabs (concrete slabs from the factory) is the easiest way to install the foundation of a building being built, but by no means the most reliable. Finished slabs are laid on a prepared surface, the gaps between them are poured with concrete. This type can be used in the construction of small-sized structures (gazebos, garages, sheds, baths and small houses of small weight, for example, of foam block and wood);
Monolithic concrete slab - completely mounted and poured on the construction site - the reinforcing frame is placed in the formwork and poured with concrete.
Заказать строительство монолитного плиточного фундамента в херсоне профи строй
Slab foundation pouring technology
The slab foundation, the technology of which is similar to the process of carrying out other concrete works, is built in 6 stages:

  • Design - on a slab foundation, the calculation of thickness and the choice of building materials is carried out before the start of work. As a rule, these factors are determined individually, depending on the type, level of heaving and soil moisture, taking into account the weight of the structure. The more massive and dimensional the house, the greater should be the thickness of the plate, and the thicker the fittings are used;
  • Site preparation - a recess digs at the construction site, the surface is carefully leveled, after which a sand cushion with crushed stone is laid and tamped. If necessary, waterproofing and thermal insulation are additionally used for the slab foundation;
  • Installation of formwork - a wooden structure around the perimeter, which serves as the basis for pouring concrete mixture;
  • Reinforcement knitting - reinforcement rods are tied and stacked with a grid with the same cells. The reinforcing frame gives the structure rigidity and strength;
  • Concrete pouring - concrete of brand not lower than M-300 is used. Pouring without fail should be carried out simultaneously with a concrete pump, so that the mixture solidifies evenly and seams do not form. The solution is leveled and rammed with a vibrator to completely eliminate air holes;
  • Concrete care - concrete is covered with polyethylene and moistened regularly to ensure uniform drying. Too quick hardening of the mixture contributes to the appearance of cracks and a decrease in the strength of the foundation.

Заказать строительство монолитного плиточного фундамента в херсоне профи строй
The cost of installing a slab foundation
On a slab foundation, the price depends primarily on the volume of work carried out, the area and the amount of building materials used. One way or another, the final cost can be called only after the development of the project plan. Depending on the conditions, for a slab foundation, the laying depth may differ, according to which the complexity of the work and the amount of materials used are determined. Allocate:
In-depth foundation - formed below the level of soil freezing;
The shallow foundation of the shallow foundation - the so-called “floating foundation”, is being erected on the surface of the soil.
Заказать строительство монолитного плиточного фундамента в херсоне профи строй 

To order the services of installation of the slab foundation in Kherson from the company Profi Stroy
The construction of a slab foundation is a fundamental stage in the construction of a new house, the reliability and durability of the entire structure depends on it. To make a correct miscalculation of the structure on its own seems almost impossible without the appropriate knowledge and experience. Therefore, it is worth entrusting it to professionals.
The company Profi Stroy will fill the turnkey slab foundation in Kherson at an affordable cost. We will carry out a full range of works - from design to construction. When ordering the services of qualified specialists, you get a design made in accordance with all building codes and rules (SNIP), a durable and reliable structure.

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