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Order installation of a warm electric floor

Heated floor was used as a heating method in ancient Rome during the reign of Gaius Julius Caesar (from 37 to 41 AD). In Roman baths and secured houses, the floors were heated with hot air. Later, the British came to this method of heating their locks! Well, it was not possible otherwise to heat rooms with ceilings more than 10 meters high! And there are a lot of such historical facts about the use of underfloor heating as heating.

The heat-insulated floor is first of all convenience, comfort and profitability.

In this article we will talk in detail about the electric underfloor heating. What are its advantages and disadvantages.

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So, a warm electric floor is a high-reliability cable system. The heating sections of the underfloor heating systems are two layers of insulation, shielded single-core and two-core cables, as well as reliable couplings. From traditional methods of heating, where heat is transferred by convection flows, a warm floor has a number of advantages:
• The heating part of the system is hidden in the floor structure, which allows you to increase the usable area and diversify the design of the rooms, while the flooring can be any: tiles, marble, carpet (except for parquet).
• Does not dry the air in the room, since the heating cable does not have direct contact with the atmosphere.
• Double insulation and shielding braid of cables allows the use of heated floors in rooms of any humidity.

First of all, choose your system that is suitable for your room, and the desired type of heating (basic or comfortable) is not an unimportant factor in future construction.

The main heating system involves the use of a more powerful cable and a screed device with a thickness of at least 5 cm. Moreover, the area of ​​underfloor heating should be at least 70% of the total area of ​​the heated room. The recommended specific power of the system when using a heated floor as the main heating system is from 160–180 W / m2. For example, a warm floor with a power of 0.19 kW, a heating area of ​​1.2 m2; check the power: 190 W / 1.2 m2 = 158 W / m2.

2. Additional (comfortable) heating system. It is installed in conjunction with other types of heating appliances and is designed to achieve thermal comfort. Most relevant in rooms with cold floors (bathrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, pools) and on the ground floors of buildings. Recommended specific power of the system for comfortable floor heating is 120–140 W / m2. For example, a warm floor with a power of 0.19 kW, a heating area of ​​1.5 m2; check the power: 190 W / 1.5 m2 = 126 W / m2.

What are the benefits of electric underfloor heating?
1. Durability. Average service life up to 50 years;
2. The ability to install in any room;
3. Simple operation;
4. Individual mode for each room;
5. No service required

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Disadvantages of a warm electric floor:
1. The presence of electromagnetic radiation, as with any electrical device;
2. More energy consuming.

Also, you can order installation of a water floor from us.

Contact ProfiStroy! After all, the coziness and comfort of your home is our task.

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