Installation of a heat-insulated floor Kherson

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Installation of a heat-insulated floor Kherson

Our company works on any objects of complexity: from apartment buildings and residential buildings to industrial facilities, shopping malls and villages.

Thanks to our company ProfiStroy, you will not encounter problems operating heating equipment throughout the entire period of operation.

We will select for you the best place in the house for the location of the boiler and radiators.

For you, we will make a project, select equipment and accessories, calculate the cost of installing the entire heating system, taking into account all components.
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Today we will consider two types of installation of underfloor heating.
1. Installation of water floor heating
2. Installation of electric underfloor heating

Underfloor heating with water as a coolant is used in private buildings: in cottages, country houses. It is mounted if necessary to heat large areas.

What are the advantages of this gender?
• visual absence of heating appliances;
• uniform floor heating throughout the area;
• the possibility of heating large areas with small means;
• one-time installation costs and significant savings in the payment of electricity in the future.

Regarding the disadvantages of a water floor heating:
• design difficulties during installation;
• the need to use a water pump;
• difficulty controlling floor temperature;
• pressure reduction in the riser;
• some likelihood of leakage and the difficulty of finding it;
• administrative difficulties and prohibitions.
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Electric underfloor heating

This option is used in apartments, country houses, cottages and townhouses. It is mounted if necessary to heat small areas of the premises.

The main advantages of an electric heated floor:
• visual absence of heating appliances;
• the ability to install in standard apartments without the use of special equipment;
• uniform floor heating throughout the area;
• easily controlled and physiologically optimal heating of the room;
• simplicity and low cost of regulation of floor temperature;
• the ability to locate and repair malfunctions.

The main disadvantages of electric underfloor heating.
• high electricity costs;
• the presence of a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation.

If you simplify all the above suggestions:
1. Your choice between water and electric flooring depends on your area of ​​heating.
2. If you need to heat a small area of ​​a room, then the choice is an electric floor.
3. If you need to heat a large area, then the choice for a more economical option is a water floor.

Also, we can order the filling of an industrial concrete floor in Kherson

What are the stages of installation of heating systems?
1. Departure of our specialist
2. Preparation of the project
3. Estimation
4. Approval of estimates
5. Delivery of equipment
6. Installation work
7. Hydraulic tests
8. Commissioning of finished work

Accurately calculated power will not allow you to spend extra energy on heating, but also will not allow a reboot of the system.
Contact ProfiStroy! We will help you to do everything efficiently and without problems.

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