To order the project of a roof Kherson

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To order the project of a roof Kherson

Highly qualified ProfiStroy specialists carry out roof design, installation of metal tiles and other roofing materials. We carry out work of any degree of complexity, based on your preferences and taking into account the characteristics of the climate, the surrounding landscape, as well as the nature of the supporting structures of a particular building. For the installation of metal, we attract the best specialists and use high-quality materials and tools.

The modern roof is a high-tech part of the structure, taking on the bulk of external environmental influences. A professional roof project includes a set of engineering and design documentation with accurate calculations and drawings, allowing to realize the architect's idea.

Today, modern construction involves primarily the use of two types of roofs - flat and pitched.

Pitched roofs gained the greatest popularity due to a number of features, namely:

  • have perfect protection against precipitation, preventing them from lingering on the surface;
  • have a presentable appearance;
  • more opportunities to use the space under the roof.

There are quite a few variations of the roof. Its choice is due not only to aesthetic considerations and the concept of the building, but also to the presence of an attic, an attic or their absence, the location of chimneys, ventilation ducts indoors, the need to place additional elements, such as snow retention, overlapping the courtyard, porch, conservatory, greenhouses.

There are several criteria by which you can build a range of roofs for a home.

According to the angle of inclination of the surface of the roof is:

  • dome;
  • flat;
  • pitched.

By the number of stingrays:

  • single slope;
  • gable (with two slopes, half-hip);
  • multi-slope (hip, hipped, broken)

With respect to the axis of symmetry, the roof can be:

  • symmetrical;
  • asymmetric.

By type of material:

  • slate;
  • soft;
  • tiled;
  • metal;
  • special cases of the use of materials.


Sheltering is one of the most important points in the construction of the entire building, the result of which determines both the aesthetics of the project and the provision of the premises with protection from external phenomena. The process of designing a roof is quite laborious. It is worth contacting an experienced specialist or stock up on the luggage of knowledge and skills yourself.

You can take up such a thing when building one-story houses, buildings with simple variations of the roof, or when designing an object with simple roof geometry, for example, a house with a terrace or an unusual hut in which a gable roof goes down to the ground.

Before starting any work, it is very important to correctly draw up a plan for all stages of the work, starting with the design, the sequence of steps and ending with the calculation of materials and components for mounting the covered surface.

Also, in our company you can order individual design of houses or buildings for industrial use, 3D visualization, as well as estimates for the project and much more at an affordable cost.

The integrity of other structural elements and the degree of heat loss of the entire building depends on the roof, therefore, it is subject to increased requirements for sanitary, fire and construction norms and rules. The roof perceives and transfers to the underlying structures the most extreme types of natural influences (snow, rain, wind). The design of the roof is based on modern materials, the climatic features of the region and the operating mode of the roof roofs are taken into account. Add to this a competent installation - and forget about the problems with the roof for decades. A professional roof project is a properly executed engineering and design substantiation of the designer’s ideas, requiring the designer to have deep theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Qualified engineering and technical development of the roof ensures its trouble-free operation in the future.

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