To order a constructive part (calculation of the foundation) in Kherson

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To order a constructive part (calculation of the foundation) in Kherson

From the right choice of the type of foundation for the house depends on the strength and durability of the entire building. Most often, in the construction of houses used strip foundations or monolithic slabs, as well as foundations on piles, poles, block, basement and others.

Each species has its own advantages and has certain disadvantages. Let us consider separately the characteristics of each type in more detail.

Monolithic foundation
A reinforced concrete slab is created as well as a solid strip foundation, but its dimensions occupy the entire area of ​​the foundation of the future home. The foundation of a monolithic reinforced concrete slab is considered very strong, because the load on it is distributed evenly. A significant drawback can be considered that such a foundation is several times more expensive than tape.

Features of the strip foundation
It is used in the construction of low-rise buildings. The cost of laying is much lower than a tile or foundation on piles. For the construction of the strip foundation, a trench of a certain depth and width is prepared. Then the formwork is built and the reinforcement is prepared for pouring concrete. Concrete pouring is done. After the concrete has hardened, the formwork is dismantled. The calculation of the thickness of the foundation depends on the material from which the walls of the house will be built.

Basement foundation
During the construction of such a foundation, work is carried out in the pit. On the basis of the strip foundation, the walls of the basement are erected. To create the basement foundations, a special technology is applied, taking into account the fact that the walls of the basement are in contact with the ground. The basement construction cost is always high.

Foundations on poles and stilts
Such structures are used on difficult soils. Their construction does not depend on weather conditions and does not require large-scale earthworks. Columnar and pile foundations are difficult to design. The calculation of the bearing capacity of piles on the ground must be performed very accurately so that the building will last for many years.

Combined foundations
Most often, such combined foundations are created:

  • basement, built on a monolithic slab;
  • tape in combination with the foundation on piles.

You can also order a preliminary design of a house from us

How to order foundation design
Our company has many years of experience, so it will help you choose the best foundation for your home. Our experienced specialists will analyze the type of soil and the level of groundwater at the construction site and select the right type of base structure and the laying depth for your home, the amount of cement needed to fill. Our engineers will calculate the bearing capacity of the soil and the bearing capacity of the foundation. You will be provided with the necessary documentation and estimates.
Our services will cost you inexpensively, despite the fact that each project is prepared as an individual. For example, the price of work in the city of Kherson will depend on the type of foundation, the selected materials and the equipment used.


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