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Order a draft design Kherson

A draft design is a set of documents, diagrams and drawings that contains data on the object being developed, its purpose, basic technical, architectural and design parameters. This is a simplified view of the design solution, explaining its purpose and allowing us to get an idea of ​​further work.

A carefully executed preliminary design allows you to quickly quickly develop a set of working documentation, determine estimated costs, and also avoid construction and design errors, which means possible loss of time and money. In addition, you will have all the visual information on hand: the appearance of the house, internal layout, facades, interior design - this will allow you to visually evaluate how the result will look and, if desired, make some changes.
The list of drawings and drawings included in the preliminary design may vary, depending on the technical specifications and the complexity of the project.

In our company ProfiStroy you can order a preliminary design of a house or a cottage, as well as the development of a complete set of design documentation necessary for the construction of a private house or the arrangement of a suburban residential complex with a guest house, sports and fitness facilities, parking, summer terraces and recreation areas.

When creating a sketch of a house and a cottage, we are attentive to your needs, as well as family values ​​and individual comfort. We find an architectural solution that reflects a rationally thought out and competently organized space for life and relaxation in a country house for many years.

Our wide experience and attention to details help us to carry out for you a preliminary design of an individual house or cottage, which may include:

• Planning organization of the land.
• Space-planning decisions of a country house.
• Author's design of the facade and visualization of the exterior of the house.

Creating a house sketch, we think through in detail the design of the facade of a private house or cottage, bringing aesthetics and personality to the architectural appearance.
Using the author's solutions in the outline design of the exterior of a private house or cottage, we carry out the facade decoration with the use of modern technologies, environmentally friendly, durable and practical in the use of building materials that meet high quality standards.
Finishing the image of the facade of a private house or cottage, our company designs architectural elements and places emphasis in the design of the facade.
To find a suitable solution in the design of the facade of a sketch design of a house, we have prepared for you several options for visualizing the exterior of a house inscribed in the surrounding landscape, a sketch design of an individual house or cottage, which embodies:

• country house in a modern style
• french chateau
• manor in modern or Russian style
• alpine chalet or scandinavian style house
• english cottage
• mansion in the Romanesque or Gothic style
• Mediterranean style villa

Also, in our company you can order the construction of a house
Home for our company is a place for traditional values, family, children and loved ones. Therefore, we put a part of our soul into it.

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