To order the removal of the project in kind Kherson

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To order the removal of the project in kind Kherson

You may need to take out in kind if construction is planned or a land plot is acquired. These are the most frequent cases when it is necessary to order the removal in kind of the land plot, its boundaries of axes, points and lines, as well as the removal in kind of the building, coordinates or boundary marks.

Please note that the definition of the boundaries of the land is made only in accordance with title documents.

When exactly is removal of borders necessary?
    1. You have a controversial land situation with your neighbors
    2. You do not have border markings on the new site
    3. Judicial examination with decisions of the legal boundaries of the land in accordance with the law establishing documents.

Initially, before construction, it is necessary to make in kind all the marks of structures and structures, axles, communications.

All work is carried out in the planning and altitude coordinates, and include such components:
    1. Work on the collection of all necessary information and on the available site (its coordinates in the cadastral register)
    2. The removal of points in kind, on the ground, and fixing them on the site.

After the work, the owner of the land plot is handed the Executive scheme of the transfer of the coordinates of the plot in kind. This document lists all the points taken in kind, as well as their coordinates (actual).

If you decide to build a fence or build a new building, then this service must be ordered from professional surveyors. Our company can provide this service. If the construction is erected with violations, it may be ordered by a court to demolish it without reimbursing the cost and at its own expense.
All building codes are quite strict therefore, they require high definition and according to the right establishing documents.

Stages of removal of land boundaries:

  • Training. Collection and processing of information about the land plot, budgeting, designing a center plan and drawing up a contract;

  • Information about the site. Obtaining information about the land in the state real estate cadastre and analysis of the data;

  • Field work. The transfer of the coordinates of the plot to the ground and their designation with signs, as well as the drawing up of the deed of completion.

Necessary documents for work:
    1. Contract for work.
    2. Extract from the cadastral passport indicating turning points.
    3. After drawing. It is designed by our specialists taking into account information from the extract.

What results await you after the work done?
    • Definition, removal or restoration of the exact boundaries of the site.
    • Permission for further actions with the land: start of construction, sale, change of ownership, etc.
    • Legal protection for dispute resolution and litigation.
    • List of documents confirming the boundaries of the owner.

Also, we can order the construction of private houses, cottages and cottages in Kherson.
We are a diversified construction company, engaged in the construction of residential and household structures in the city of Kherson and the region.

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