To order geodesy in Kherson

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To order geodesy in Kherson

When we offer our customers to do a topographic survey of the site, many refuse.
Our company insists that such work should be done before construction begins.

What is the essence of these works, what is their use and what problems can they avoid when building a house?

We will try to answer these questions in this article.

Geodetic survey is a measurement of the land, determining its physical coordinates on the ground, the shape and location on it of all available objects, it is carried out directly at the site of future construction. The surveyor notes in the drawing the values ​​of the heights, as well as all the essential data to indicate the optimal location of future objects. In addition, the layout of the terrain around the plot is applied to the map, which allows you to take into account the presence of neighboring buildings, fences and roads.

Surveyor services are required at any stage of the construction process, including:

  1. Engineering and geodetic surveys at the pre-design stage, during which geodetic fundamentals are created, surveying is carried out and a topographic plan of the area is drawn up.
  2. Geodetic procedures after the development and approval of the construction project. They include the preparation for the breakdown and the actual breakdown of the main and auxiliary axes of the building, the subsequent transfer of the project to the construction site, the calculation of earthworks and the breakdown of the foundation.
  3. Executive (interim) survey at each of the stages of building construction - from the facade and floor floors to the roof.

As our practice shows, most often in the absence of an accurate plan of the site and its physical boundaries, the buildings can be fully or partially located on foreign land, and this leads to lengthy and not cheap trials.
Also, this information is necessary for designers to make high-quality planting of buildings, utilities for connecting to networks, landscape designers for competent land management, general plan developers and architects for building planning, landowners and their neighbors to accurately determine the boundaries of the plots. The most important information for you is the topography and underground communications.

How much is the site surveying
You can get a preliminary idea of ​​the cost of work and services by contacting our consultant in any way convenient for you.
For a more accurate answer to the question about the cost of services, we need to familiarize yourself with your wishes in detail, visit the study area, evaluate the composition and scope of the necessary work and activities to coordinate the results.

You can also order a project take-away from us in kind.

Experts will conduct geodetic measurements for you at a convenient time for you. Our company is fully responsible for the accuracy of the results of its work.
Contact the company ProfiStroy! We are always happy to answer all your questions and help in the construction of your own home.

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