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Order well drilling

More and more people begin to take care of their health and the health of loved ones. One of such ways is to provide your home with clean water. People choose different options to improve water quality. Someone buys bottled water, someone installs filters, and some people use boiled tap water.

If you have planned to drill a well at your site, we recommend you such an algorithm of actions.

  • We conclude a drilling contract;
  • Choosing a place for drilling a well;

After concluding a contract for drilling a well under water, a measurer arrives at the place. He tells how drilling will occur, what quality water will be on the site, taking into account the depth of the aquifers. The meter will help you choose a place for drilling a well, the water in which will always be clean. On-site specialist will talk about the features of drilling, make a calculation and say how long it takes to drill a well in the area. After inspecting the area, he will tell you which side the drilling machine will call in, evaluate the difficulty of drilling on the site, determine the main conditions for drilling wells and explain that the well will be drilled to clear water.

On the spot, you can ask questions, clarify how wells will be drilled, and then whether water will need to be cleaned and repaired.

  • Preparatory work;

In order not to cover everything around with dirty water and sand, we recommend covering nearby structures with polyethylene.

What are the benefits of wells?

  • Water purity. Due to the fact that the well has a narrow gap, ingress of dirt is excluded.
  • Durability of wells. Wells can last about 50 years.
  • Inexhaustible reserves. (when used correctly)
  • It does not require operating costs. If the filter is installed correctly, you don’t have to clean, for example, this should be done regularly in the wells.

There are many different technologies, but they all consist of three main components.

  • Rock destruction

As a special tool that destroys the rock, a cone bit is attached to the drill rod, which is rotated by the engine of the drilling rig.

  • Well flushing, rock recovery

To do this, use the hydraulic method using a special flushing fluid. It can be clay, calcareous, water. It is also possible to get the rock out of the well with the help of a screw, a drill or a pneumatic method.

  • Fixing the walls of the finished well

Pumping a well under water. In this case, the necessary measurements of parameters, for example, static and dynamic levels, are carried out. This is necessary for the proper selection of water-lifting equipment.

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