Get permission to redevelop the apartment

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Get permission to redevelop the apartment

Redevelopment is a complex of repair and construction works aimed at changing the characteristics of real estate after the house is built and commissioned.

Simply put, any changes that do not correspond to the technical passport of the object, but also do not affect the supporting structures and do not go beyond the existing dimensions, are considered redevelopment of the apartment.
If you decide to expand the kitchen, remove the partition between the bathroom and the toilet, increase the apartment due to the loggia - all this is a redevelopment. But, if this does not apply to the bearing walls.

Consider the basic parameters of your property before redevelopment:

  • The total area is the area of ​​all residential and non-residential premises of the apartment plus the area of ​​balconies and loggias using reducing factors;
  • Living space is the sum of all the areas of the living rooms in the apartment;
  • Useful area, it is also called a heated area - this is the total area of ​​the apartment excluding loggias, balconies and terraces.

If you are determined at all costs to nevertheless make a re-planning, you should take this idea responsibly. Pay attention to such points:

  1. Creating a project. Even the simplest redevelopment can be a problem. Therefore, we recommend contacting professionals. In ProfiStroy you can order an individual apartment project.
  2. Personal observation. For builders to make repairs in accordance with the project, it is necessary for the architect to control the stages of work;
  3. Filing a declaration of the beginning of the redevelopment. You need to contact GASI with the redevelopment project. There is registered a document on the start of construction work;
  4. Technical passport. In this case, the BTI engineer comes to the apartment and, as a result, approves a new data sheet;
  5. It is necessary to contact the Center for the provision of administrative services with a statement “On the completion of repair work and the expectations of the commission” (drawn up in any form). The permitting authority is obliged to take the object into operation, if everything is done in accordance with the redevelopment project, and issue a conclusion on the conformity of the project;
  6. Obtaining a new property right. At the notary or the state registrar, a new registration certificate is entered with the conclusion (certificate) in the State Register of Property Rights in Real Estate.

What “punishment” awaits you for illegal redevelopment?
“The legislation establishes liability for“ illegal construction, ”namely, Article 150 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, the violation of which entails a warning to citizens or a fine of one to three non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens (UAH 17-51) and a warning. And for officials, a fine of 3 to 7 tax-free minimum incomes of citizens (about 51-113 hryvnias) is envisaged.”

What works do not require permission?

  • Expansion of residential premises due to non-residential premises and vice versa;
  • Association of bathrooms;
  • Dismantling of built-in closets;
  • Installation of partitions;
  • Combination of kitchen and living room (in apartments without gas);
  • Combining kitchen and loggia, living room and loggia without dismantling the window sill.

Not sure where to start and what you need to do first? Contact Profi Stroy and we can help you in this matter.
See you!

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