Obtaining permission to enlarge the balcony

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Obtaining permission to enlarge the balcony

Each resident of the apartment at least once, but thought about expanding his living space, and often his eyes fall on his own balcony.

You must understand that a small area is not a sentence, and sooner or later you will come across the thought that it is time to change something in this problem.

In the old Soviet houses, the balconies were open, but now the owners more and more often want to close them with plastic windows and expand their living space.

In this article we will try to answer such questions: how can I increase the area of ​​the balcony and glaze it? What are the nuances and permissible norms in such a decision? Where should I go on this issue? Do you need to apply for a balcony extension?

As a result, you get a new place in your home and you can arrange it according to your tastes and desires. Balconies and loggias in houses are in almost any apartment, even on the ground floors. There are several types and ways to increase them, however, only professionals should deal with a project of this level of complexity.

Our company is engaged in this type of work. Also, you can order wall insulation from the outside in the cold season.

As for the legislation, and do you need to apply for a permit?

At 30 cm, the law allows you to expand the balcony without any approval. However, not all of these sizes are sufficient and beneficial. In such cases, apartment owners are considering a more radical expansion.

If you are ready to increase the balcony in width more than the above 30 cm, you need patience and careful planning. At the first stage, you will need to visit the architectural department of your city and apply for permission to redevelop the apartment. It will take about a month to review. After obtaining permission, you can contact our company to develop a redevelopment project.

Due to the fact that permission takes a long time, many people begin to build before they are given the “go-ahead”. We do not recommend starting work in this form, in the future there may be problems with the law, registration of real estate as a legacy, legal re-registration, etc.

There are three types of balcony enlargement:

  • Take-out on the windowsill. Technology increase in the level of the parapet of the balcony.
  • Takeaway on the floor. The technology of increasing the balcony slab with the help of channels in the wall. In this case, the enlarged balcony will be longer and wider.
  • Mixed option. By expanding the balcony on the floor and window sill, you can provide you with the maximum size, as well as the highest level of comfort in the new space.

Obtaining permission takes place in several stages:

  1. written approval by the Housing Office;
  2. written agreement with neighbors;
  3. аpplication to the Department of Architecture of your locality for permission to prepare design documentation;
  4. project development;
  5. coordinate the project in the management of architecture, gas service, SES and fire departments;
  6. get a warrant for work in case of successful coordination at all previous stages.

If you are expanding the balcony in the apartment, which is located on the ground floor (which additionally involves the construction of the foundation), then you need to register with the authorities that register the land.

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