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Convert non-residential premises to residential

The main purpose of the housing stock can be considered permanent or temporary residence of citizens, as well as operation as an office or dormitory. Non-residential real estate is considered one that is not included in the housing stock.

Residential premises - a heated room located on the ground floor, designed for year-round use and meeting sanitary and hygienic requirements.
Non-residential premises - premises in a residential building, not related to the housing stock and which is an independent object of civil law relations.


There are two options for how to transfer non-residential premises into residential

  1. Based on the decision of the local government;
  2. Through reconstruction. For the reconstruction, it will be necessary to complete the entire set of documents.

What are the conditions and limitations of the transfer of non-residential premises to residential?

  1. From a non-residential premises to a residential one - it is not allowed if such a room does not meet the established requirements or there is no possibility to ensure compliance of such a room with the established requirements or if the ownership right to such a premises is encumbered with the rights of any persons.
  2. All load-bearing structures of residential premises, both in private houses and in multi-apartment complexes, must correspond to the operational state, without deformation and the presence of cracks, which reduce their load-bearing functions.
  3. In a residential building, all communications should be arranged in such a way that there is no risk for injuring residents of a house or apartment, both inside and near the territory adjacent to this building.
  4. Engineering communications should be present in the dwelling: electricity, heating system, ventilation (in apartment buildings - drainage and gas supply). According to the law, it is allowed not to have a centralized water supply and gas supply in the living space of a one- or two-story building.
  5. Residential premises must be protected from leaks of domestic water by special devices. Also, penetration of melt or rain water into the premises intended for housing is not allowed.

The withdrawal of the apartment from the non-residential fund to the residential owner begins by submitting an application to the local administrative services center. A prerequisite is to indicate that the transfer is made with the definition of functional purpose.

Together with the application, you must have the same documents:

  1. Copy of the notice. (about the intention to change the purpose of the apartment and, if necessary, to carry out reconstruction for housing)
  2. Copy of the passport of the owner of the premises
  3. An extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs, if the applicant is an individual entrepreneur.
  4. A notarized copy of the certificate of ownership of the object of transfer.
  5. A copy of the technical passport of the premises, certified by the owner.
  6. In the event of redevelopment behavior, its design certified by a licensed designer. Design documentation should include the floor plan on which the object and the floor plan of the house are located.
  7. Photos of the premises of the apartment. Photofixing will allow you to approve the transfer of a residential apartment and determine whether you need reconstruction of the premises or to return the residential status from it you can remove office furniture and bring in a living suite.

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