To get a building permit in Kherson

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To get a building permit in Kherson

Many of our compatriots legitimize their structures after they are built, and usually this is accompanied by heavy fines, time spent and regret. However, such unpleasant consequences can be avoided if you initially draw up the necessary documents for permission to build a house.
What documents do you need to start your construction and what is the procedure?
In Ukraine, it is planned to introduce a simplified procedure for this in order to obtain permission to build a house and draw up the necessary documents for its development.

First of all, you must get a construction passport for your future home.

Your construction passport will display the requirements for the placement of construction:

  • individual houses;
  • country (garden) house;
  • utility rooms (garage)

Also, an “amnesty” was announced for private homes and personal buildings that were built before 2015 and which did not go through official registration. They will be taken into operation under such conditions:

  •     the house should be built before 2015;
  • building area no more than 300 sq.m;
  • the facility must comply with building codes;
  • conducting a technical inventory of the house.

Who needs permission to build a private house?

  • for any construction work on the site;
  • for overhaul;
  • for reconstruction and restoration;
  • for re-equipment of the facility.

Documents that are needed to apply for your construction passport:

  1. application for a passport;
  2. a document on the right of ownership or use of the land;
  3. outline intentions of building your home;
  4. house building project;
  5. a notarized document on the consent of the co-owners of the land plot to the building.

We recommend that you pay attention to the project documentation. The organization that is planning your home MUST have an appropriate license. Otherwise, the design of your home may be rejected by an authorized body. Also, it is not unimportant, the house project should have a plan for the placement of other structures on this site.

You can order the construction of a private house in our company Profi Stroy, Kherson 

If your application meets all the requirements and you have provided the entire list of documents, within 10 working days you can be issued a construction passport.

For more detailed information about the permit for the construction and construction of the house itself, please call: 095-45-44-110
Our office is located: Kherson. Yaroslav the Wise 11

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