To order the construction of metal fences from the metal profile PROFNASTILA in Kherson on a turn-key basis or to hire a construction team

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To order the construction of metal fences from the metal profile PROFNASTILA in Kherson on a turn-key basis or to hire a construction team

Construction of metal fences from a metal profile (PROF NASTILA) in Kherson on order or hire a construction team

  1. Introduction to professional flooring fences at Profi STROY in 2017
  2. What is a metal profile fence
  3. Types of designs of metal fences from a metal profile sheet
  4. Compare this with other fences
  5. What we do step by step, how much it costs and how to get started with PROFI STORY


Построить забор из профнастила в херсоне николаеве под ключ рассчитать цену стоимость работ
In 2017, the construction company Profi Stroy exceeded the plan for the construction of metal profile fences in Kherson. Already to date, we have built since the beginning of the calendar year about 90 fences from professional flooring of different lengths and designs. Although the season began in March, and it began last year very abruptly, for some reason Kherson people always want or do not want something at the same time! They began to bombard us with questions about the price and requests to build a fence from a metal profile. We have been building fences from professional flooring all the time, day after day this work does not leave our guys, not because a very large object or we are not coping with the original task. all because on average we built about 10 fences per month. Most often it was at the same time more than 5 construction sites that only concerned metal fences! So we have expanded, thanks to this, the staff of builders involved in the professional construction of metal fences. Now we can say for sure: “in the construction of metal-profile fences, we are PRO!”.

Заказать строительство забора из профнастила в херсоне николаеве стоимость работ нанять строителей
Who does not know a fence made of METAL PROFILE is a metal fence consisting of columns, metal, square (profile) or round pipes concreted into the ground or installed in a concrete base - a foundation slab. Three or four horizontal guides made of metal profile, usually 40x20 wall thickness 1.8mm. welded to these "metal posts". And the sheets of the same metal profile, bolted or "nailed" by rivets to horizontal guides. From time to time, the fence is decorated with forging elements, or they cover the reconciliation and / or bottom with a tin corner, as if bordering the edges, the latter being done more for beauty.
стоимость работ строительства забора из профлиста в херсоне николаеве под ключ за квадратный метр погонный

In general, we make a metal fence from a profile of three types:

- a metal fence from a profiled sheet with columns that are concreted separately, everything is clear, a regular fence from profiled flooring, most often columns are 2-3 meters concrete in the ground, they are connected by profiled pipes horizontally welded, profiled sheets are attached to these profiled pipes, most often the height of the fence is 2 meters;

- a fence from a professional flooring with a base, a strip foundation, or rather “standing” on a concrete slab, all the same as in the first embodiment, the only difference is that under the fence a slab is poured - a strip foundation with a total height of 30-50 cm, width 20-40 cm. Pillars are brought into it;

- a stone, wooden fence, or any other with corrugated board elements, there are a lot of options, the most common, this is an extended fence, when a fence made of profiled flooring is mounted on top of an existing fence, or a stone fence with profiled flooring, consisting of brick columns and spans in it from professional flooring.

Где заказать забор из металлопроффиля в херсоне николаеве средняя цена сравнить цены стоимость нанять строителей забор из профлиста профнастила
Comparative characteristics of a metal profile fence - compare 4 types of fence: 1. metal profile fence 2. brick fence 3. “euro fence” concrete slabs 4. wooden fence
Advantages and disadvantages of our metal fence:
- definitely durable, second only to brick, and only in some cases concrete
- low price, second only to the euro fence and sometimes wooden
- ease of installation on any terrain, there is no equal to it, a fence from a professional flooring can easily be made a step, or derailed, with others it does not always work
- in terms of installation speed wins only against a brick fence
- easily dismantled, and mounted again in a new place, the first place from the list
забор из металлического профиля заказать в херсоне николаеве купить стоимость цена забора нанять строителей

"PROFI STORY" is a professional in the construction industry. In the Kherson construction market, we are worthy players! In 2017, we evaluate the work on the metal profile fence as follows: a fence without a foundation 180-220 UAH per meter (up to 2.3 meters high), with a foundation 280-320 UAH per meter. This price includes all the work on the fence: we arrived to measure, calculate the materials and the final cost of the work, move the brigade with the tool, digging the earth, pouring posts or plates (in the case of plates, knitting fittings, formwork), welding horizontal guides, welding plugs into the upper part of the column, the primer of the metal frame, painting the metal frame, screwing or “fastening” with rivets of metal profile sheets. If necessary, we purchase and deliver materials at wholesale prices. You can also order the foundation for the fence from corrugated board or other construction services

We are waiting for you in the ranks of our satisfied and happy customers!

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