To hire builders for pouring the foundation in Kherson PROFI STORY concrete workers professionals!

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To hire builders for pouring the foundation in Kherson PROFI STORY concrete workers professionals!

Hire builders to fill the foundation in Kherson
The foundation is a reinforced concrete support for all walls of the building. He takes over and evenly disperses the load of higher communications. Therefore, pouring the foundation is a fundamental stage in the construction of a new structure, on which the uniformity of shrinkage, the service life and reliability of the house depend.

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Types of foundation and their features
The type and type of foundation is determined individually for each object. As a rule, the decisive factors are:

  • Soil type - the more loose the soil has, the more reinforced and durable the concrete base should be. In rocky terrain, the foundation will be light, and in places with clay or sandy soil, you need to take care of the stability of the building in order to avoid possible shifts and subsidence;

  • Seismic features - slope, groundwater, fluctuations in the earth's crust;

  • Type of building being built - the size and weight of the structure have a direct effect. So filling the foundation for an extension or garage will be significantly different from the foundation for a multi-story building;

  • Ground floor

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As a rule, the price for filling the foundation also depends on these factors. Today, the following types exist:

  1. Ribbon - its name went from appearance. It is a single reinforced concrete strip, which is located directly under the supporting walls of the building. This type is used in the construction of large buildings and is designed to withstand and distribute large loads. It allows you to realize underground garages and basements at the facility.

  2. Monolithic slab - is a solid reinforced concrete slab, completely located under the building. This type of foundation is laid on a sand cushion, sometimes reinforced with gravel. The composition of the concrete mix often includes various thermal insulation additives, which can significantly extend the life of the unit. Pouring the foundation of the type "MONOLITHIC PLATE" under the garage or house without the need to equip the basement is suitable. This type of construction is perfect for terrain with a variable climate, but requires additional thermal insulation with foam, such a foundation can not be poured on terrain with a slope.

  3. Pile - this foundation can be at least two types: 1 type of pile foundation is presented in the form of a pipe of large diameter, which is screwed into the ground. It is used to build small structures, in the likeness of bathhouses, 1-2 storey brick, block or wooden houses. This type of foundation is used in marshy areas and places with loose soil; Type 2 foundation using piles is concrete piles that clog.

  4. Columnar - is presented in the form of vertical concrete or brick pillars installed at the corners of the building and at the intersection of the walls. This type is the most economical of the existing ones, but it is used only for the construction of small-sized structures with a small load - loggias, terraces, outbuildings or small frame houses.

How is the foundation poured?
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The technology of construction of the foundation is divided into several stages:

  • Removing the topsoil (digging trenches, boreholes or continuous recesses);

  • Installation of formwork - frame for further pouring the mixture;

  • Sand cushion application - the volume is determined individually and depends on the degree of soil heaving;

  • Reinforcement - installation of reinforcement rods to ensure the strength and stability of the foundation to increased loads;

  • Concrete preparation and pouring is the final stage. High-quality filling involves the simultaneous filling of recesses. Today, manual pouring of the foundation is widespread, but this is by no means the best option, since technological seams are formed that reduce its strength;

  • Care - it is important to ensure the regular drying of the concrete mixture in order to avoid the occurrence of cracks in the future.

It is better to entrust the process to professionals, because the price per cube is not so high for filling the foundation, as there are great risks when trying to do all the work yourself.

Services in filling the foundation in Kherson from the company Profi Stroy

Pouring the foundation under the house is a crucial stage of construction. Each species can lurk problems (shifts, protrusion, skew), so it is important to make accurate calculations before starting work. The best solution is to entrust this to professionals - the construction company Profi Stroy, which provides professional services for filling the foundation in Kherson. We carry out all types of concrete work, and also we can order wall masonry from aerated concrete or ceramoblock and much more.

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