To order a rough coupler of a floor in Kherson and Nikolaev from the company Profi Stroy. Hire builders to pour concrete screeds with reinforcement and insulation price

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To order a rough coupler of a floor in Kherson and Nikolaev from the company Profi Stroy. Hire builders to pour concrete screeds with reinforcement and insulation price

Concrete screed in Kherson price per m2 A rough screed is a concrete foundation for the floor of the house and, in a way, a guarantee of the success of laying the flooring, so it is important to carry out the work as efficiently as possible and take into account all the rules for pouring concrete. The ideal solution would be to contact a construction company whose specialists have significant experience and regularly perform similar tasks. For a rough floor screed, the price in a professional company is available, and the quality of work is guaranteed to be on top.
Заказать черновую стяжку в херсоне николаеве под ключ профи строй

Stages of laying concrete rough screed A rough floor screed in a private house is a fundamental stage before the start of interior decoration. As a rule, the workflow is identical for different structures and consists of the following steps: Surface preparation - a pillow of sand and gravel is used as the basis, they are distributed over the surface, paying attention to the recesses, in order to even out significant differences in height. After this, waterproofing is laid and the surface is covered with expanded clay;

Base reinforcement - metal construction adds rigidity and endurance to the concrete base. As a reinforcing layer, a metal mesh or reinforcement bars are used; Fixing beacons - special elements that define the upper kidney of the subfloor. They are installed at an equal distance from each other at a verified horizontal level; Concrete pouring - the concrete mix is ​​poured according to the beacons and carefully leveled on the surface, while it is important to monitor the uniformity of filling so that there are no air holes;Concrete condition control - when the concrete mortar of the rough screed for the heated floor is poured, the stage of monitoring its state follows. Rapid drying is fraught with the appearance of cracks. To avoid this, periodically wet the base with water. As a rule, a rough screed for underfloor heating has some differences for different objects. For example:

Нанять профессионалов для черновой стяжки в херсоне николаеве цена за квадратный метр профи строй

Rough floor screed on floor slabs may not be performed at all. If we are talking about monolithic plates - their base has a smooth surface and they are often ready to perform finishing screed and finish. But, if we are talking about the surface of the floor from factory reinforced concrete slabs, then the primary finish will be required to align the cracks. Most often in such cases we are talking about a rough screed floor in a new building.

Draft floor screed on the ground - in this case, a sand cushion with a depth of 10-20 cm is prepared before pouring concrete, on top of which it is poured a layer of gravel to compact the sand layer and increase water resistance. The layer of gravel is determined individually and depends on the proximity of groundwater, but it cannot be replaced with other cheaper materials or construction waste. The price for a rough screed on the ground is higher, compared with the overlap due to the greater complexity and the number of building materials used. For rough screed thickness also has individual indicators. It depends on differences in height at the facility. But, the minimum value of the thickness of the concrete coating at the highest point is 0.6 cm.

The rough coupler of a floor in Kherson from the company Profi Stroy A rough screed for underfloor heating on soil and concrete flooring is one of the main specialties of Profi Stroy. We will carry out a full range of work on the preparation and pouring screeds in Kherson. Turning to us, you get high-class service and the optimal ratio of price and quality. Also with us you can order a turnkey apartment or house repair and calculate the cost. The price of a rough screed in Kherson most often varies from 130 to 250 UAH per square meter (5-10 dollars m2), although there are exceptions, the price can be either lower or higher.

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