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Anya / 12.08.2019 /
спасибо за професионализм!
Administration / 12.08.2019
Здравствуйте! Спасибо за отзыв!)
Eugene / 31.05.2019 /
Благодарим компанию Профи Строй за строительство загородного дома в поселке Антоновка. Бригада работала слаженно и аккуратно, соблюдала все технические моменты, выполнили все пожелания. По строительству уложились в запланированный срок. От строительства осталось только положительное впечатление и замечательный загородный дом. Особая благодарность, Валерию, директору СК Профи Строй за отличную организацию работ и учет всех наших пожеланий. Также хотим отметить бригаду строителей во главе с Андреем за отличное качество и внимание к мелочам. Желаем команде Профи Строй дальнейшего развития и процветания
Administration / 31.05.2019
Здравствуйте! Спасибо, за такой открытый отзыв и пожелания! Будем рады сотрудничать вновь :)
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Restoration of old buildings
Restoration of old buildings

Restoration of buildings and structures

Restoration means the restoration of the original appearance of the historical significance of buildings. Buildings and structures of cultural and historical value, in the process of many years and centuries of operation, lose their original appearance. Therefore, at the objects of material culture, it is necessary to replace the finishing elements spoiled by time in accordance with the approved project for the reconstruction of an object of historical and cultural significance.

Restoration work involves working with a surviving historical monument, while a new building means the restoration and erection of buildings and structures that have not stood the test of time. After carrying out comprehensive restoration work with the involvement of experienced specialists, it assumes its further operation, but taking into account the preservation of the architectural heritage.

The restoration of old buildings is different from the reconstruction, although the difference is small, but still it is, and significantly affects the preparation of the project of work and the final result. Reconstruction of buildings and structures is carried out in the event that it is necessary to improve their operational characteristics, taking into account the needs of residents of modern cities and megalopolises.

Restoration of old buildings. Order restoration project

The subtleties of the restoration process

Restoration of historic buildings begins with an assessment of the condition of an object that has historical and cultural value for a particular society and the world as a whole. Repair and restoration of building facades is included in the list of services to restore the original appearance of the structure. The Profi Stroy team is engaged in checking the integrity and strength of facade structures to ensure the safe operation of the building in the event of active use by residents of the city.

Experts carefully examine the building to fix existing defects, suggesting the most effective ways to eliminate them using modern materials and technologies. Information about the preservation of the plaster layer and other decorative elements, referring to a specific historical era, is documented. After inspecting the building and its individual structures, you can get a general idea of ​​the scope of future work.

The restoration of old buildings is a complex and multi-stage process that requires careful preparation in order to ensure the preservation of elements of cultural and historical value. Damaged elements are dismantled and supporting structures are strengthened. After dismantling some elements of the building, it is required to send them to special workshops to restore fine details related to a certain historical era. As for the process of dismantling individual parts of the structure, the specialists of the construction company are also responsible for the integrity of the object upon delivery to the workshop.

The restoration of buildings involves the use of many methods, the selection of which is carried out by a team of professional craftsmen on an individual basis. Profi Stroy specialists assess the condition of materials, collect information about the operating conditions and general characteristics of the building in order to understand what exactly is to be worked with. Not only engineers are involved in the work, but also architects, experienced restorers, graphic designers and, of course, builders, whose actions are carried out in accordance with the project for the restoration of an object of historical and cultural value.

Order a building restoration project, finished projects

The services of the construction company Profi Stroi in Ukraine include not only restoration work, but also the construction of houses in Kherson and other cities of Ukraine. Erection of a house box, installation of a roof, finishing work, development and implementation of design projects are part of the services that a Ukrainian company can offer to owners of land plots in the country.

The construction of houses in Nikolaev is carried out according to a ready-made project, which is provided by a company to choose from. Although Profi Stroi also offers the construction of houses in Odessa on an individual project, which is compiled taking into account the requirements and wishes of the client. Increasingly, land owners decide to expand the recreation area on a private territory, so a popular service is the construction of concrete bowls for a pool in the city of Kherson. The price is reasonable.

To order a service in Profi Stroi and find out the cost of restoration, repair or construction work, please contact the company's specialists. It is enough to leave your name and phone number to contact the Profi Stroy manager to get the first professional consultation.

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