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Anya / 12.08.2019 /
спасибо за професионализм!
Administration / 12.08.2019
Здравствуйте! Спасибо за отзыв!)
Eugene / 31.05.2019 /
Благодарим компанию Профи Строй за строительство загородного дома в поселке Антоновка. Бригада работала слаженно и аккуратно, соблюдала все технические моменты, выполнили все пожелания. По строительству уложились в запланированный срок. От строительства осталось только положительное впечатление и замечательный загородный дом. Особая благодарность, Валерию, директору СК Профи Строй за отличную организацию работ и учет всех наших пожеланий. Также хотим отметить бригаду строителей во главе с Андреем за отличное качество и внимание к мелочам. Желаем команде Профи Строй дальнейшего развития и процветания
Administration / 31.05.2019
Здравствуйте! Спасибо, за такой открытый отзыв и пожелания! Будем рады сотрудничать вновь :)
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Order the construction of a villa, castle, family estate
Family estate, villas, castles
Family estate, villas, castles

The Ukrainian company Profi Stroi regularly expands the range of services related to the construction of real estate in the country of various complexity and purpose, focusing on the needs and requests of customers in Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa and Kiev.

The construction of villas, estates, cottages and private houses requires not only a professional approach to each of the projects, but also time and an impressive amount of cash injections for their implementation. This step is responsible not only for the owner of the land plot, but also for the team of specialists, which prefers to think through the details to the smallest detail in a number of construction processes.

What is the difference between building a villa and a private house? The construction of villas involves the construction of buildings in the Roman and Italian style, but in a classic design, which should be considered at the stage of creating a unique design project.

Although you can always dwell on a finished project in order to devote more time to the interior setting, arrangement of living quarters, arrangement of furniture and other household items. Indeed, many villas are already considered to be architectural monuments, but in the case of the construction of modern villas, the fact that a modern security system needs to be installed, etc. is taken into account.

Far from the major cities of Ukraine, you can see modern villas and rural estates, which are a single residential complex in the countryside, designed for the needs of one family. The package of services includes not only the construction of houses, but also of various outbuildings, which is part of a single concept of the residential complex.

Recently, many cottage townships have appeared, which attract the opportunity to purchase a house in a separate village, but away from the bustle of the city.

Construction of Villas in Ukraine

Construction of castles and family homesteads

The services of a construction company also include the construction of buildings that are truly unique in their form and complexity of implementation. Be it projects of houses in the style of estates, and villas, they still belong to the more traditional and familiar buildings for people living in the city or outside the city, while the castle style is a really interesting solution and, perhaps, not every land owner can decide on construction of such a building, even if we are talking about attracting a team of specialists.

The finished projects of the castle-style houses are breathtaking, and the buildings made in the style of a medieval castle emphasize the monumentality of the building. In such buildings, a rather heavy roof and well-thought-out facades, therefore, special attention should be paid to the implementation of roofing and facade work.

However, the cost of implementation still depends on the choice of the project, since a house in the style of a classical castle will be much easier to implement than a house in the style of a Gothic castle. Not only the price is the determining factor in the choice of the project of the house, made in the castle style, but also the architecture.

The Profi Stroy firm accepts individual orders for the construction of a castle in a modern interpretation, which is important for wealthy people who are ready to invest in a house where they want to return again and again. When designing a modern castle-style house, you can be inspired by buildings that have already gone down in history, or you can not limit your imagination to already implemented projects.

Of course, before approving a project, you need to obtain permission to build just such a house, and the success of such a procedure depends on the terrain and soil.

There are also projects of cottage houses made in the castle style. Of course, this option can be implemented in Kherson, Odessa, Nikolaev and Kiev through the efforts of a team of Profi Stroi specialists. Nevertheless, when building a cottage in the style of a castle, you should adhere to the style of a cottage town, so there may still be some limitations in its implementation.

To order a project of this type of house, perhaps it is best to consult with the developer's team in order to assess their capabilities and announce the necessary deadlines allocated for the implementation of the plan.

In addition to castles, cottages and estates, some customers turn to builders for help if they need to build a family estate from scratch and on a turnkey basis. Ukraine is rich not only in castles of historical importance, but also in family estates that belonged to Ukrainian hetmans and other famous personalities who went down in the history of Ukraine.

The family estate is a piece of land where one family lives, so it was settled taking into account the needs of the homeowner and his family members. Modern family estates become a reflection of the life of their owners.

Profi Stroi is engaged not only in the construction of real estate, but also in the implementation of the most daring ideas through the interior design of living quarters. The service of turnkey repair of a house or apartment is also relevant. The price list of the company's services can be requested from the managers of Profi Stroy.

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