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Construction company in Kherson - PROFISTROY

We are a diversified construction company. We are engaged in the construction of residential and household structures in the city of Kherson and the region. We have a set of knowledge, abilities in order to build for you a private house in Kherson, with or without a project, and / or make major repairs in your apartment, office, public institution. Also with us you can order a project of a private house, cottage or cottage
In the work of our construction organization, we rely on THREE FUNDAMENTAL FACTORS in the construction industry:
We always advise you to choose two of the three items that are most important to you, and we guarantee they are 100% complete. The race for three components for us is the loss of balance of all of the above parameters at the same time. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND WHEN THE SPEECH COMES ABOUT CONSTRUCTION !!! I will give brief examples:
- (1 + 2) Construction where the priority is the speed of construction work and the quality of construction. Here, the price of builders will always be higher than the market price.
- (2 + 3) Construction and repair work must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the customer. - (3 + 1). For Profi Stroy, the most important are the relatively low price and high speed. Postscript if you think we can discuss a relatively loyal customer;)
- (3 + 1) If for the customer in the organization of construction services from the company "Profi Stroy" the most important are the relatively low price and high speed, a lapse in quality will be natural. P.S. if you think that you can teach me how to organize the construction process by satisfying all three requests, then most likely we will discuss as an example a relatively loyal customer;)
Our main goal: A clear understanding of the customer's needs - implementation according to the basic wishes. (see paragraph “three fundamental factors“ above). Full delegation of construction tasks to us. (we do not sleep at night thinking about what is better, where it is cheaper, and who will do it, and we will inform the builders of what the customer expects from them [sometimes this is the most complicated process, which began in the construction of the Tower of Babel :)) ].
The most important task for the completion of the construction project. (We must understand that all the planned agreements are fulfilled, all the conditions of the contract are fulfilled, you are frankly happy that you chose the construction company “Profi Stroy”)
I love you my Clients, your Valera Profi Stroy

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